Celebrate Geeky Mom this Mother’s Day!

It can definitely be a struggle finding the perfect gift, especially for Mother’s Day. That’s why we’ve made the gift guide for geeky mom’s this Mother’s Day.

Angela Nicole Chu

Angela Nicole is a published novelist and YouTuber from Louisville, Kentucky. Her third novel, Down The River, is slated for release Spring 2018. In her free time, she can be found working out or listening to music. You can follow her ramblings at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Review

The white crow has arrived. Winter has finally come to Westeros and the known world; and it couldn’t have come a better time. This season has finally seen the David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss set the stage for the Game of Thrones endgame. We have seen them tie off nearly all the extraneous character plots and now are focusing on the final chapters of the story leading to the climactic conflict with the coming White Walkers.

Honestly, season 6 made me feel vindicated for sitting through the last two seasons. While I may be in the minority, season 5 was a bit of a disappointment for me. The story felt a bit off track, as we focused on several different story arcs that didn’t feel very relevant to the GoT story at large, and began to feel a bit like filler. I found myself thinking that there weren’t going to be very many troops left for the battle against the White Walkers if the various human armies kept killing each other left and right.

I’m very unique and creative. I’m a gamer, an animal lover, a computer geek, and an overall geek! ;p I usually have a smile on my face, and I like to find the good in everything.

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