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Anime Midwest With Friends

I have been going to anime conventions for nearly 10 years, I’ve done major conventions in my state, I’ve road tripped to other parts of the country for cons, and I’ve even thrown my hand in at working for cons. I may not be a convention expert, but I have experience.  Anime Midwest is one […]


Are Side Game Important to the Main Series?

Are side games important to the main series? The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Well, that’s where it gets a bit complicated. Everyone has their own opinion about side games, but most seem to settle around the consensus that yes, side games are important and necessary in their own ways.  


Anime Midwest Convention

Since Anime Midwest’s debut in 2011, many con-goers have been comparing it to other conventions, local to Rosemont. But really, the past few years have shown Anime Midwest as its own, much broader convention type.