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The 100 Season 4 Episode 3|Review & Breakdown

What goes around comes around right? Who remembers the Night Blood (Luna) from the oil rig. You know the one that refused to be the next commander? She and some frineds show up at the gate of Arcadia with a really bad case of radiation sickness. Can you guess what this means? The Radiation is coming! Raven […]

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DIY Cosplay

Cosplay has become the fastest growing hobby in the geek community. Who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite characters, meeting new friends, and getting recognized for all their hard work? But as much as we love it, cosplaying can also be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful! Sometimes you just want an easy, comfortable cosplay that you […]

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Decluttering Life After the Holidays

With the holidays being over and New Years in full swing, almost everyone has a New Year’s resolution list. One of the top resolutions is has hitting the gym, and getting organize or de-cluttering; it is one of the hardest to keep because, well let’s face it, you get busy and instead of staying organized you […]

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The Salt Miner’s Daughter

Not long ago, there lived a kindly salt miner and his wife. They were happy together but wished for children. For many years they tried… Ava was a happy child, always eager to explore or help her parents with work, whether it be in the kitchen with her mother or weighing salt in her father’s […]

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More Monsters!

Introduction Between literature, television, movies and plenty other sources of media, I’m sure creatures such as Vampires, witches, werewolves and zombies has been bashed into our heads whether we like it or not. With such a variety of these so-called “monsters” to pick from, it’s almost annoying that these are the few we always go […]

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Expressing your Geekdom Fashion: On the Dark Side

Everyone loves elements of the macabre, whether it be vampires and zombies, Edgar Allan Poe stories, or even a meager fascination with scary slasher movies. The typical way to tell if someone is a fan of this genre is stereotypically black lipstick, a spiked choker, and five inch platform buckle boots. Sometimes, this isn’t doable […]

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Geekdom Fashion: Kawaii Style

J-Fashion is an increasingly in-depth subject, but when you know execute it properly, it’s unmistakable for anything else. A lot of the time it’s over-the-top, big, and features a lot of details which come together for a total theme. The three fashions which I’m going to focus on are decora, mori kei, and Lolita, and […]

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Expressing Your Geekdom Fashion: Pop Culture Popular

In today’s pop culture, topics which were once considered too taboo to be cool, such as comics, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and video games, are now rising in popularity and considered “cool” due to the mass amounts of outward exposure. For fans of these medias, it is easier than ever to have access to these […]

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Idle Hands

She had entered the store with trepidation and reserve. The draw was there, but so was the foreboding otherness. With hesitant steps she ventured further in, gauging each step with analyzed precaution. Eventually, she settled on a position which allowed her a secure niche from roaming eyes; but, it also afforded the allusion of having […]

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Societal Expectations of Women

As a history major, it is important to observe the roles women play in society through evolving eras to better understand all cultures. As a D20 girl, it is important to understand the roles and expectations women have in society to better understand how to support the women in our organization and the women we […]

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The Chic Geek: PB and Lady Rainicorn

On this installment of The Chic Geek does Adventure Time, I’m getting scientific with Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn. Princess Bubblegum has worn a lot of fabulous outfits throughout the series(generously utilizing the color pink), but I’ve chosen to use the outfit from season 1, seen in the picture below. To recreate this look start […]