American Vandal: Better Than You Think

American Vandal: Better Than You Think

So, I’ve often thought that the best way to get through to younger audiences is lace everything with a dash of humor. If you can be funny, you’re at least getting listened to. The rest is up to the child. So, then, how do you best explain the dangers of social media to children?

Hahahaha. We do it through a Netflix show, of course. It’s 2018, afterall.

And let’s throw in a dash of good LGBT representation on the side, shall we? And THEN, on top of that, show kids that if they didn’t fit in, maybe that’s okay?

And they called it American Vandal.

What seems, on the surface, a shallow show about a make-believe Catholic school being vandalized via laxatives, is actually a deep show that takes it time exploring high school life today and how social media impacts all aspects of life.

I mean, it’s still a show whose first season is all about which student drew dicks on the teacher’s vehicles.

But, the first season was good. The second season is better.

Because it’s, at its core, a true-crime styled show, I don’t want to spoil whodunit. So I won’t. And, yes, it’s ultimately a parody of documentaries in general. And there are some parts that made me cringe. But underneath that….

There’s a story about some kids who fear for their future, and want to fit in. It’s a story about how high school athletes are pushed too far and often for the wrong reasons.

If you like true-crime, and maybe a touch of old MTV television like Jackass, you’ll love American Vandal.

Stephanie Lott

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