Digital Refund Policies Are Trash

Digital Refund Policies Are Trash

I’m crying big girl frustrated tears at this moment. So, a few months ago, I purchased Monster Hunter World on PS4 before I found out it was coming to PC. This is my problem, I didn’t bother to look it up. Because it wasn’t on Steam, I just assumed it wasn’t coming to PC at all.

After I found out it is coming to PC, I contacted Sony, and they gave me a refund! Awesome!

The problem comes in now: I purchased the new Spider-Man game digitally. And it is good. It is very good. The issues comes in the day after, when a friend gifted me a physical copy. Again, awesome! However…

I didn’t want the same game twice, so I contacted Sony again to ask them to refund the game because I have two copies. I explained this again and again. I can provide evidence if requested even! I would take the physical copy back, but my friend already opened it and Walmart won’t take open media back.

Anyway, back to Sony. Of course the answer is no. “We only make an exception once,” they said. “Your situation doesn’t allow for a refund,” they said.

Okay, but that’s not all. And, again, in fairness, this is all my fault, BUT! I also bought Dragon Quest XI on steam, but it wouldn’t run steady on my computer, so I got it for PlayStation 4 instead. So, I asked Steam for a refund like I always do and they said…. No this time. Because their policy is less than fourteen days from purchase and less than two hours of play.

So it turns out that I spent more than 2 hours trying to get the game to work steady. And an exception won’t be made in my case. I can’t even plead my case like I might be able to do with Sony, because Valve doesn’t have a phone number you can call, or even an email you write to!

What is this!

So, here I am, very miffed. And yes, I understand this is a first world problem. But I didn’t know the steam refund policy like the back of my hand, and I didn’t know Sony had a one and done rule.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is this: if you buy media digitally you better make damn sure you want it.

This is a big frustration point with me, especially on the PC side. Final Fantasy 15, for example, is a sixty hour game. Issues that break the game CAN show up more than two hours in, and what if there’s an update that breaks the game a month down the line?

Sony I tend to forgive because at least their games tend to freaking work.

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said. I’m laying down new information.
What’s worse is that social media is full of people defending these stupid policies. “Like, good luck, bro. You shouldn’ta bought it.” THANKS DUDE. Even if all the other situations aren’t valid, I argue that the friend-gifted-it-to-me is. I have *actual* receipts! I had no clue my friend was going to buy it for me!

In short: hi, I’m Stephanie, and I have regrets.

Stephanie Lott

Stephanie is a gamer, otaku, and your local friend who posts on Twitter too much. From Mississippi, she spends most of her free time prepping for her next convention or getting beaten at Overwatch. Follow her on Twitter.



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