Anime Streaming Services: Which One Should You Choose?

Anime Streaming Services: Which One Should You Choose?

So, I’m going to start with this: if you want to stream anime, sign up for VRV. It combines both Crunchryroll and FUNImation’s library, allowing for both subtitle and english voice over of new titles. I personally really enjoy FUNImation’s “SimulDub,” as it allows for the most recently shows in English very shortly after they air in Japan. My Hero Academia and the third season of Attack on Titan as my favorite examples.


Have you heard of HiDive? I hadn’t, not until they became a sponsor of Anime Weekend Atlanta, a con I frequent. In short, I checked it out. Turns out it’s great for older anime and dubbed anime, stuff I couldn’t find on VRV. The dub of Haikyu!!, and even some movies as an example. I won’t shy away from the fact that platform seems to seer towards “Ecchi” anime…which may or may not be an issue for you. But I honestly found the gems, like the dub of the Persona 4 anime (the original anime), to be worth the trouble.

And there’s still something to be said for the black sheep of the family, Amazon Prime video. I already have prime, as I’m a grad student and can get it super cheap, but if I didn’t I’d have questions. The only anime I watch on it right now is Banana Fish, and it’s an … acquired taste. Though, last season Prime Video did have Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. I know quite a few people that fell in love with that show.

And then there’s Crunchyroll or FUNImation on their own. As VRV is 9 dollars and these are closer to six, it’s at least worth discussing. But the question there comes down to this: sub or dub? Pick.

Again, to summarize: HiDive is an interesting service that I don’t think is getting enough attention, but VRV is really your best bet if you’re looking for the latest anime as soon as you can get it.

Stephanie Lott

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