I Recently Bought Myself An Xbox One X…

I Recently Bought Myself An Xbox One X…

So I recently bought myself an Xbox One X. Let me explain to you how amazing it is, honestly.

I know the console doesn’t have many (or really any) exclusives, and the Xbox One has handedly lost (at least per sales) this generation. However, that doesn’t mean the hardware is bad. As a matter of fact, people don’t talk enough about how amazing the hardware actually is. I am speaking purely about the X, and that’s fair. But allow me to gush.

My favorite thing about the X is that it’s quiet. My PlayStation 4 sounds like a jet engine when I try to play Final Fantasy 15 or put a blu-ray in, but the X does these things so quietly that I’m not even sure it makes any noise at all. It’s because of the cooling system in the X.

And yes, the user interface is strange when compared to the PlayStation 4, but I don’t believe the PlayStation 4 to have a great user interface design either.

The X has a growing list of backwards compatible games, as I’m sure you’ve heard. As someone who still has all her Xbox 360 games? That’s amazing. A select few game (like Halo 3) even have updates that make them look a little better on the X compared to a 360.

I’m just really glad I bought it. And while the last two points also apply to the Xbox One S, it adds to the overall feel of the Xbox One ecosystem.

So, yes. I own an Xbox One X. And yes, I freaking love it.

Stephanie Lott

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