IGN Caught With Their Pants Down

IGN Caught With Their Pants Down

Dead Cells is a little video game for the Switch that is gathering a lot of positive attention. It’s a pixelated metroid-vanaia type game. While I don’t have a Switch and can’t play it, the reviews tell me it’s a very good game.

So, it’s rather ironic that IGN’s main Switch editor, Filip Miucin, allegedly copied the Dead Cells review word for word in IGN’s video review from a lesser known YouTube gaming channel.

Turns out, that small YouTube channel called BoomStick Gaming, even had the guts to call them out on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKF6xnvaCsE In a video called “IGN Copied My Dead Cells Review: What Do I Do?” BoomStick Gaming compares and contracts everything that was the same with the two video reviews.

Now: here’s the thing: IGN did everything right. They pulled the video as soon as they heard about this, released a statement addressing it, and started an investigation internally.

Miucin was ultimately fired, and IGN has committed to remaking their Dead Cells review. In the statement where they confirm they let go of Miucin, they also directly apologize to the small YouTube channel.

So, I wanted to talk about this because it’s how a PR nightmare should be fought. IGN didn’t try to cover it up or anything like that. No, they admitted it was fishy, took it down, and got rid of the guy. IGN gets a lot of flack for not being harder in their reviews, and they don’t need anymore reasons to not be trusted.

But also, why and how did this happen at all? A lot of people have talked about plagiarism catcher websites that will scan a paper for unintended plagiarism, but those don’t search videos. It’s an interesting concept though, I’m sure someone will eventually make a website that will scan videos for plagiarism using closed captions.

In the end, I hope PR companies can take a note from IGN. The big companies need to learn not to try to distract or cover-up problems like these.

Stephanie Lott

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