Ice Adolescence, And Why Yuri!!! on ICE Needs It

Ice Adolescence, And Why Yuri!!! on ICE Needs It

So, people that know me know I’m a woman of simple pleasures: give me a good story-based RPG or a romance anime and I’ll be the cosiest bug in a rug you’ve ever seen. Well, Yuri!!! on Ice pushed so many of my buttons correctly. It created a love story that I consider realistic that just happened to be between two males.

I’m not going to get into spoilers, here, but…if you haven’t seen the show (looking at you, Angie) go watch it.

Again, I won’t spoil anything, but here’s my hot take on the movie that was just announced for 2019, called Ice Adolescence. So, we’ve all seen the Force Awakens, right (oh god, this whole article is going to resonate with the correct side of the internet, I’m sure)? You know the “big mystery box”, as JJ Abrams puts it? The thing to keep the audience curious? Namely, who are Rey’s parents?

Well, Yuri!!! on Ice has one of those handy dandy mysteries, too. Just who is Victor, anyway? Sure, he’s a famous skater from Russia. We know Yuuri has looked up to him since he was a child, but… Victor never once mentions his family in the series, and we never once see a proper flashback from his point of view. He narrates a single episode of the series, the episode I would consider the most vital, and that’s about as much character development we get from him.

As a matter of fact, some (okay, me included) questioned his motives at first because he was so mysterious.

Well, the movie is going to open the box. It’s going to tell us all about who Victor really is and explore his – if the teaser we got is any indication – tragic backstory.

There’s a lot of backlash about this choice. When I saw the teaser for the first time, I was ultimately confused. I wanted to see more happiness between our two leads, not go backwards and see them unhappy.

I understand this, but honestly, Victor needs context. And it’s not just that, I believe that the creators have wanted to tell Victor’s story all along, but there were only 12 episodes to play with.

And, yes, I must address the elephant in the room: Victor is the most popular character by far and sells the most merch. So it is natural to play on that.

That said, remember that going backwards in this movie doesn’t erase the possibility of a season season or a second movie in the future. My thoughts are simple: I believe if the movie does well (hint: it will), we’ll get more content.

While you’re waiting, however… make sure to grab some tissues, a plushie, and get ready to cry in the theater in a few months.

Stephanie Lott

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