Grow Up. Respect Creators.

Grow Up. Respect Creators.

Something horrible happened. A young girl, who had her whole life ahead of her, passed away after an auto accident. This girl was beautiful, faithful, and loved. She just happened to be Markiplier’s niece. If you don’t know who Markiplier is, he’s a widely known and famous YouTuber. The video Mark posted in regards to this killed me. His heart is clearly broken for his family, for himself, and for the girl that will never have a chance at a full life.

I’ll be honest. This got me thinking. A lot.

It sucks that Mark felt the need to tell us, the public, about this at all. His family deserves to grieve in private and without YouTube commenters saying nothing but “RIP.”

One might say “Markiplier did this on his own. He decided to explain his departure. He made that video.” And to that I say: he did it because he had to. While I don’t have a citation, I’ve read several different times that Mark has had to move in the past because fans found out where he lived. I have a better example if that’s not enough: Gavin Free and Meg Turney are two famous YouTubers associated with RoosterTeeth, and had their house broken into. The madman had driven eleven hours. With a gun.

All of that to say: if Mark just suddenly stopped posting, someone would have figured out why. Might as well tell the truth.

And I’m so angry.

I don’t have any new ideas. I don’t know how to fix this. But if you feel the need to drive eleven hours with a gun to shoot someone you don’t know apart from YouTube videos: stop and get some help. If you feel the need to stalk someone because they suddenly stopped posting videos for whatever reason: stop and get some help.

I’m taking classes this semester and a theme I’m seeing in my courses is simple: respect. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but treat others the way you would want to be treated. Before you perform an action, consider the impact of said action on others.

In short, respect creators. If you don’t like something, stop yelling in the comments about how much it sucks and go watch something you do like. Or maybe leave something actually constructive.

Yes, this is me going off the rails a bit and ranting. But honestly, it’s killing me to see people my age treating content creators like they’re robots whose soul purpose is to produce videos. And god forbid one of those videos isn’t something they absolutely love.

Stephanie Lott

Stephanie is a gamer, otaku, and your local friend who posts on Twitter too much. From Mississippi, she spends most of her free time prepping for her next convention or getting beaten at Overwatch. Follow her on Twitter.