Kingdom Hearts 3: A Preview

Kingdom Hearts 3: A Preview

((Slight Spoilers Incoming))

So, last Friday, a few select media outlets like IGN and “influencers” like TheGamersJoint from YouTube got invited by Square-Enix to play a hands-on demo Kingdom Hearts 3. For the first time, the public got their hands on the game and made Sora move and-

Okay. Okay. Right, I’m writing an article. Guys, I’m so excited. Kingdom hearts 3 is a thing and it’s happening.

Square-Enix decided to show off Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time this way. A demo. There were two playable sections inside of the demo: Toy Box, the Toy Story world, and Mount Olympus from the Hercules World – from what I can gather, it was specifically a boss fight against Rock Titan.

The Toy Box demo was beautiful. It featured fully English voiced cutscenes with English text (so that means localization is at least mostly done), two “link” abilities – which you might know better as summons – Ralph from Wreck it Ralph and Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

While IGN did make their whole playthrough viewable, including the cutscenes, they shortly took it down shortly after. I’m guessing they did so because it did contain certain spoilers. If you look for it hard enough, however, I’m sure you can find it.

The Mount Olympus section of the demo had Sora taking on the Rock Titan in spectacular fashion, running up the side of mountains to get to the big baddie and finally using an “attraction flow” command called “Big Magic Mountain” to take him down.

I’m going to do my best to summarize what we can confirm what has jumped out to me:

-Toy Story, Hercules, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Monsters Inc., and Twilight Town are confirmed worlds. Frozen has, of course, been hinted at. We do not know what the hub world for this game will be, but my personally guess is Twilight Town.

-There will be AT LEAST nine Disney worlds in total. While that is fewer than previous numbered titles, the worlds will be huge. This is demonstrated well in the Toy Story demo I mentioned.

-Nomura, the director, states that this game will be the end of the “Xenonort saga”, wrapping up Sora’s story. He also said the ending “will be bittersweet.” Bring tissues.

Last but not least, Square-Enix confirmed that a release date will be given next month, in June. Probably close to early in the month, at E3 or just before it at a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra event. Late last year, a trailer gave a release year of 2018, and, if the localization that has already been done is any indication, I’m a believer.

TL;DR: Kingdom Hearts 3 is shaping up to be a beautiful masterpiece that might not live up to the ten plus years of waiting, but won’t let fans down. Look forward to a release date next month.

Please be excited.

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