Infinity War: When Media is More than Media

Infinity War: When Media is More than Media

For the sake of everyone here, I will promise spoilers will NOT be present in this article. That is to say, I just got back from seeing Infinity War for what will probably be the one of two times I ever watch it. Let me explain.

To do so, I need to go back to 2003.

It was summer, I was bored, and I’d put aside Kingdom Hearts 1 since the Christmas that passed six or so months before. So, I picked it back up, and started to play it. And then I beat it.

Little did I know that I was about to get emotionally scarred for life by that ending. Still can’t play it without tearing up.

You see, the ending to the first Kingdom Hearts game is was taught me that media can really, truly make you feel things. Like, really feel things. Media in all its forms has a way of plucking my heartstrings like nothing else.

Since that fateful day spent crying in 2003, I’ve been trying to really replicate that feeling, in a way. Find something that pulls on my heartstrings just as much.

For whatever faults it might have, Infinity War DID that. That’s why I’ll see it again with my best friend once, share tears with her, and probably scream about it with her, too. It made me feel things that I’ve been wanting media to make me feel for a very, very long time.

Actually, the movie has a lot of things in common with Kingdom Hearts: characters that make no sense together somehow working, a story that shouldn’t work but does, and emotional punches right to the gut for the people who’ve kept up with the series/movies.

But that means it has the same faults, too. If you haven’t kept up with the marvel movies, the plot might not (see: will not) hit you as hard. Some of the humor might not land. And. as some people who have talked about this movie have said, the characters being shoved together might make them feel a little… out of character. That is to say, boiled down to their one single character trait at points (see: Doctor Strange is smart, StarLord is comic relief, etc).

For me, it all worked and to get effect. See, I’ve been a fan – for better or worse – of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Iron Man. I don’t read comics, except for the rare issue of Deadpool, but the movies are usually just good popcorn flicks.

This was so much more than that.

Infinity War felt like what I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 feels like. Well, I take that back. We’re still missing the second part – the ending. You should go into this movie knowing that it’s one part of a whole. If we’re keeping with the Kingdom Hearts analogy, we’re missing the boss fight. We’ll be waiting for that until May of next year.

So, do I recommend going to see this movie? Well, have you enjoyed the other Marvel movies? Yes? Then DO.

I’m going to recommend you at least see Black Panther and Doctor Strange before heading to the theater, by the way. Just throwing that out there.

Stephanie Lott

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