Kami-Con was last weekend, and I’m gonna talk about it! Also note that it’s Wednesday, and I still don’t have my voice back.

So, Kami-Con was founded back in 2009. It began as a small convention in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that was started by the anime club from the local college. This anime club called itself “The S.O.S Brigade”, and it has come a long way. This year was the tenth Kami-Con, and my third overall

What a freaking year it was.

To begin with, Kami-Con always has a convention-wide “game” of sorts. This year, there were cards given out in the grab bags that you were given as you picked up your badge. The goal was to trade with others to collect a full set. This card game is a fun way to make people interact and meet new attendees.

There were a lot of amazing guests that I got to interact with this year. From Johnny Young Bosch to Channel Awesome, there was fun to be had no matter the fandom. I want to give a shout-out in particular to Greg Wicker of Greggo’s Game Shows, who hosts game shows for conventions. For this year, he did “Celebrity” Family Feud with Team4Star facing off against Channel Awesome. It was by far the best event of the convention.

Everything seems a lot more laid back at Kami-Con than at other cons. It’s smaller, but still pretty large at the same time. That being said, it felt a little like it’s outgrowing its frame. So many people, so little space to fit them all (we shut down the escalators…twice).

I personally hope that Kami-Con moves to a bigger center soon, somewhere close by.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Kami-Con was in no way a BAD convention! It was, all things considered, very well run, and that staff was wonderful. Everyone I spoke with was polite, even if they were overworked. The panels were fun, the schedule was tight, and the guests were full of energy!

Kami-Con is my “home con” because I see so many people I know there. It’s like a blast from the past.

In short, Kami-Con is always worth it. And I hope it gets even bigger, even better.

Stephanie Lott

Stephanie is a gamer, otaku, and your local friend who posts on Twitter too much. From Mississippi, she spends most of her free time prepping for her next convention or getting beaten at Overwatch. Follow her on Twitter.