A Hat in Time: You Should Play It

A Hat in Time: You Should Play It

Hey, you.

Yes, you.

Did you grow up in the 90s?

Did you play Spyro the Dragon or Banjo-Kazooie?

How about Super Mario 64?

Well, did ya?

So did I!

And, ya know what?

I really, really miss those days.

I guess I’m not alone.

A Hat in Time began as a Kickstarter back in May of 2013. While I had no idea what it was at the time, it did meet its goal and then some. While it took a lot longer than was originally planned–a lot longer–the final product is masterful.

It’s an adorable platformer that is beautiful, witty, and definitely takes the best aspects of the games we’ve come to know and love from the past. I, myself, am in the middle of beating the game. I’ve loved every second of it. You play as Hat Kid, and your powers are defined by the type of hat you wear. From jumping extra high, to helping you find where you need to go next, there’s a hat for everything!

The worst aspect of this game is, no doubt, the camera…but to be honest not even the games from way back could master that perfectly.

I really think A Hat in Time is an indie darling that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. It’s a wonderful return-to-form after the somewhat lackluster reception of Yooka-Laylee, another crowdfunded 3D platformer.

Stephanie Lott

Stephanie is a gamer, otaku, and your local friend who posts on Twitter too much. From Mississippi, she spends most of her free time prepping for her next convention or getting beaten at Overwatch. Follow her on Twitter.