Five Nights At Freddy’s: Why You Should Care?

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Why You Should Care?

With the release of what I’m going to call Five Nights at Freddy’s 6, I wanted to talk about why the series as a whole still matters to me.

Five Nights at Freddy’s started a domino effect in my life. First, I was introduced to Markiplier through the now infamous “SCARIEST GAME EVER!!!!” YouTube video. Then, I started noticing things were off in the game, so I looked up theories. Or was it theories were suggested to me, as part of a then-working YouTube algorithm?

Either way, I found MatPat and the Game Theorists.

These things have become a staple for me. A new Five Night’s game comes out, I watch my favorite YouTubers play it, and then I watch MatPat theorize about it. Something I’ve welcomed into my life, and I’m glad to have it there.

The story of FNAF is what dragged me in and it hasn’t let me go. Some might argue that the story is overly complex, silly, and overdone. Personally, I think that it’s part of the fun, and trying to solve it keeps my brain busy. Even reading the book has been a wild ride from start to finish.

That said, I do regard The Silver Eyes a lot more highly than the second book.

I’ve argued in that past that fandoms are important, and they are, but the FNAF fandom is genuinely good, I believe. Since the game has decreased in popularity, it’s calmed down quite a bit. The subreddit is a favorite place of mine to hang out, even.

Through the many charity livestreams that YouTubers have done, FNAF has even done good work. In fact, many are using the popularity of the game as a jumping off point for positivity. It seems strange to say that about a game series revolving around haunted animatronics, but it’s true. Even the creator, Scott Cawthon, had donated large sums of the money he’s made to charity.

While I do think the series might be in decline, I don’t believe it’s going anywhere. I’m excited for the movie that’s coming, and I believe that Scott is making good choices in the direction he’s taking it. I’m a little worried because it’s taking as long as it is, but I suppose that’s the way these kinda things go these days.

I have confidence that FNAF will remain a positive part of my life, as it has been. I hope you can look past the negative press and give it a shot yourself.

Stephanie Lott

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