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Justice League Isn’t Terrible

Justice League was an enjoyable movie. There, I said it. Before you get your pitchforks, let me explain.

I did not read the reviews, I didn’t check the score on rotten tomatoes, and I didn’t ask my Marvel obsessed friends if they thought I should go to the movie. This was very much on purpose. I don’t know if you’re already spoiled, but this is always a good idea for movies these days.

Don’t. Read. The. Reviews.

And you know what?

I really enjoyed it.

It was not, by any means, a bad movie. Neither was it perfect. I notice, now that I’ve seen it, that reviewers are saying something similar as well. It was a fun popcorn flick, much better than most of the DC films before it (looking at you, Suicide Squad).

Let me address something right off the bat: the actor for Superman, Henry Cavill, had his beard removed during reshoots for this movie. There’s a lot of criticism surrounding it, and people seem to think it looks awkward and fake. Does it? Kinda, yes. It it as noticeable, as say, the de-aged version of Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy? No, not even close.

Let me address the biggest problem I personally had with the film: the story. It was very much a “maguffin” hunt, but the characters were fleshed out and believable. It played a lot off the success of Wonder Woman, using her backstory to jump-start the plot forward. This was intentional, and I think it was a wonderful move on the part of the studio. I do think, however, it leaned a little too much off the established characters.

Speaking of characters, this was an absolute highlight for me. With the exception of Cyborg, I think every single character was nailed. And I only say Cyborg because I believe there was some weak acting. I think I went in expecting the Cyborg from Teen Titans, and I got an emo kid with daddy issues. Ya know, something new for DC.

To summarize, I hands-down think Joss Whedon saved this movie. He’s still on to direct Batgirl, and I’m extremely excited for that.

I know the future of the DCU looks grim, and I can understand why. I think the studio finally figured out what works right at the tail end of making Justice League. If they manage to continue the DCU, and I hope they learn from their mistakes.



Stephanie Lott
Stephanie Lott
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