Kroger’s ClickList Just Clicks

Kroger’s ClickList Just Clicks

If you haven’t heard of or used Kroger’s new ClickList service, you’ve been missing out. I say this as someone who isn’t getting paid to endorse Kroger’s ClickList. While the service is still in beta, you can use it now. And if you’re bad at grocery shopping but rock at Amazon like I do, you really need to use this.

This online service allows you to order anything Kroger carries, even tobacco products and alcohol, from the comfort of your phone or computer and pick it up at the Kroger location of your choice. The first three orders are free and after that, it’s just $5 per order. The hours when you can use the ClickList for alcohol and tobacco products varies so call your location to find out before placing your order.

Kroger did a great job creating a simple, efficient online ordering system. My grocery shopping trips actually get us through the whole month now and we waste much less than we ever have. The $5 fee is a worthy investment since I don’t have to worry about wasting money on impulse buys or navigating a crowded store. I can do my shopping from home so it’s easier to make sure I’m getting exactly what we need. Placing your order is simple and their step-by-step process is pretty hard to mess up. Just make sure you have your pick up location, date, and time set correctly.

If you’re picky about certain things like I am, you can even leave special instructions on items such as a specific weight or other condition. Instructions that I’ve left have always been followed to my satisfaction, including meat and produce! You can also chose whether or not to allow substitutions if they’re out of a specific brand of item. I allow substitutions on most things I order.

Never before have I stocked my kitchen (and more) so efficiently. ClickList lets me easily price compare brands and automatically applies your Kroger discount, as well as any applicable digital coupons you have loaded to your account. You can start your order from scratch or add items from a previous order that you placed. You can even pay for your order online with your credit or debit card now.

No longer must I wander the aisles in search of my items on a hastily thrown together list only to endure the drudgery of on-shelf price comparisons and the horrors of venturing into public! Nay! Now I load my digital cart and cull the wheat from the chaff without ever leaving my comfy comfy chair! When I go pick it up I just park in the designated ClickList area and call the number on the sign to let them know I’ve arrived. I don’t even have to get out of my car and open my door. I unlock the doors when the attendant comes to my car to review my order with me. The other attendants load the car while I confirm my credit card payment with a signature and provide my ID for any tobacco or alcohol.

All jokes aside, Kroger’s ClickList saves me time since I can make my order online and pick it up on my way home from work, and money since I don’t risk impulse buys in the store. I highly recommend this service. It’s worth the $5 fee and you’re not expected to tip attendants, even though I’ve always had very pleasant, friendly experiences with them. There’s no limit for orders but I suggest at least $50 since there is a fee.

So if you haven’t tried out Kroger’s ClickList, give it a go! The first three orders are free and you have to drive to the grocery story anyway so why not try it?

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