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Movie Review: Annabelle Creation

*slight spoilers

When you think of sequels, you usually think “there is no way this will be better than the original”. When it is, it’s like a pleasant surprise. This was one of those movies. It’s not an amazing film, but it is still way better than the original. It has a basic story, super campy/cheesy scenes, and it moves at a great pace while maintaining a fantastic atmosphere that makes it a fun watch.

The movie starts off with Samuel Mullins (Anthony Lapaglia) working on a doll, when suddenly, a note gets slipped under the door that says, “find me”. As he looks for the person who gave him the note, he sees a figure behind the curtains. It is his daughter Bee/Annabelle (Samara Lee). They go to church and as they leave to go home, the car gets a flat so they pull over to fix it. That’s when Bee gets in the road and gets hit.

We are now introduced to a group of orphan girls on a bus. They are headed to a new place. When they arrive, they are greeted by Samuel Mullins. He shows them around the house. One girl “Janice” (Talitha Bateman) has polio and has restricted movement. She goes looking for a room of her own and tries a door. It is locked. Samuel tells her that the room is off limits.

As night time comes, Janice wakes up. She notices that the locked room is now open. Inside is a bedroom of a little girl. After some time in the room, she finds a key which she uses to unlock the closet. Inside is a doll. Janice hears Samuel coming and quickly leaves.

One night, she goes back into the room and is confronted by Annabelle. Annabelle isn’t the little girl that she is believed to be.

After an altercation, Janice is thrown off the stairs. She becomes confined to a wheelchair. When Janice is left outside to get fresh air, her chair starts moving on its own towards a shed. She is then possessed by “Annabelle”.  All hell breaks loose, and Janice begins to terrorize the house.

The others manage to lock her in the closet. When the cops show up, the only thing they can find is the doll.

Rating: 5/10

Personal thoughts:

Annabelle Creation was a lot better than I expected it to be. To me, it wasn’t the most spectacular film I’ve seen, but it was still fun and campy. I loved how the story was built up and told. It was a pretty basic possessed doll film, which isn’t bad.

If you were to ask for a movie night featuring this as a centerpiece, I would recommend watching Annabelle Creation alongside movies like “Puppet Master”, “Demonic Toys”, or “Chucky” (any).



Tori Williams
Tori Williams
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