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South Park’s ‘The Fractured But Whole’ Available NOW!!

It’s been a long wait, but the latest South Park adventure is finally available. South Park: The Fractured But Whole launches today, October 17th, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There are currently no plans to release The Fractured But Whole on the Nintendo Switch and really…why would they?

In case the fact that it is a South Park game is not telling enough, The Fractured But Whole’s trailer is laced with the vulgar language and NSFW situations that the show has championed since its release in 1997. Following up on 2014’s hit The Stick Of Truth, you reprise your role as the New Kids in The Fractured But Whole. This time, you are able to select to be either male or female (I was admittedly a little sad that I could not choose a female option in The Stick Of Truth), and your gender and race alter how characters interact with you within the game.

The Fractured But Whole hails a superhero theme, where you travel around with Eric Cartman and his pals as “Coon and Friends”. Together, you are out to stop your rivals, the Freedom Pals, by using a tradition RPG combat system. Your power as the New Kid? Having a superpowered butt.

Again, if the South Park television series leaves a sour taste in your mouth, then this may not be the game for you.

I was wildly impressed by The Stick Of Truth, purposefully waiting until month’s after its release before purchasing it. After playing some of South Park’s Nintendo 64 games as a child, I figured that The Stick Of Truth would be funny, but nowhere near worth $59.99.

I was wrong. The Stick Of Truth had no business being as good of a game as it was, but I am happy that it is a game with high replay value and a lot of laughter and humility. I am going into The Fractured But Whole with high expectations, especially seeing the amount of release date pushbacks that this game has seen. Although delays in a game’s release are frustrating, I will accept them if it means that they are making the best game that is possible. And I have full faith in Trey Parker and Matt Stone that they will once again deliver video game gold.

To maximize players’ experiences, Parker and Stone penned a massive script consisting of roughly 30,000 lines of dialogue, which is the equivalent of about four or five feature films in length. This was done purposely to cover a plethora of various interactive scenes that can be faced within the game.

The Fractured But Whole is now available worldwide. Be sure to pick up your copy today, and head on down to South Park to help save the town!



Angela Nicole Chu
Angela Nicole Chu
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