KentokyoCon 2017: An Artist’s Review

KentokyoCon 2017: An Artist’s Review

The first time I went to Kentokyocon was back in 2014 when it took place at the Clarion by Highway 64. This year, KentokyoCon took place at the Lexington Convention Center in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky. I was an artist in the Artist Alley area again this year, as I am for most conventions, and this has shaped most of my experience with this convention.

My boyfriend and I arrived at the Convention Center, and parking was a far walk away. That was a little disappointing. When we finally got our stuff settled, Eric and I were presented with our Artist Badges, and we proceeded to the Vendor Hall. It was huge. I felt like that there were more vendors than there were artists, and I wish it could have been divided in a way where both vendors and artists were more balanced.

When I had the opportunity to explore the con, the community was very friendly. KentokyoCon has always had friendly attendees throughout the years I’ve attended. When I roamed the convention area, I couldn’t find many panel rooms. I didn’t have a map, but I eventually found the anime viewing room, which was out in an open area where the hallway ended. I also found the video game room where tournaments were going on throughout the weekend, so I couldn’t get in, unfortunately. When I did find a map it didn’t really say where the panel rooms were located. It just included the usual Panel A and Panel B locations.

Due to all of the tournaments going on in the video game room, the Vendors and Artists weren’t getting much flow. As for the cosplay contest, it went well even though the lines weren’t organized for the contestants.

All in all, I think KentokyoCon 2017 was a good convention. The attendees were friendly, and the staff was very informational when helping out with an issue. The artists and vendors all had some pretty awesome stuff to check out, and I recommend checking out those booths due to the time and hard work that the participants put in for the conventions that they attend.

In the future, I will most likely return to KentokyoCon as an attendee, but not as an artist. If the artists and vendors sections become more balanced and better advertised to compete with all of the tournaments and main events, then I would reconsider going back as an artist one day.

It was a fun con, and the venue is really beautiful and located near a lot of restaurants and parks. The Convention Center is not far away from the main hotel, and it is actually connected to the Convention Center.

I think that KentokyoCon has the potential to grow even larger as the years go on, and they are capitalizing this with their KentokyoCon North installment January 2018. KentokyoCon also has the potential to become one of the friendliest cons in the Kentucky area. The main thing to remember is to always have fun when attending a convention.


Jocelyn Fisher

Jocelyn loves all things anime and nerdy. She also has taken up the hobby of cosplaying in the last decade. She is from the Kentucky area. She spends most of her free time drawing, writing, reading, and sewing. She also likes to spend her free time wondering the wastelands of Fallout with her Ghoul companion Hancock.