Why you should not haggle with a dealer at a convention

Why you should not haggle with a dealer at a convention

The Dealer’s room has to be the most visited place at the convention, it’s where you can find imported goods such as plushies, wall scrolls, food, and more. In this article we are going to take a behind the scenes look at why things cost so much in the dealer’s room.  Think of the dealers room as a small business, they want to make a profit   on products they brought without breaking even or underselling, hassling with the price could damage their profits if enough people do it.

People often ask ” why is this  ( insert item here) so high?” I’m going to break it down into a simple math equation, price of items from wholesalers + dealers table prices = price of said items not to mention the gas it takes to get to the con. Many people don’t realize that the cost of dealers tables are $500+, expect if you are a guest at the con filling up the table with goods can costs a pretty penny anywhere between $5,000+. Another reason it might be high is because of the convention, when a con gets bigger they need more space, more space = more money to get that money they not only raise the price of admission but the  price for the dealer’s table too. If that price is too much for you look around for the same item at a different vendor, if not just get a card from them to get it from on their online store or ask if they are going to be at another con in your area.

Another question is ” The quality of this item is not worth the price. ” First of all rude, second of all sometime they don’t get to see the product before hand and don’t have time to take it back. The way ordering online works is you never know what you are getting until it gets here. If that is the case please follow the steps listed before. Whatever you do please, please, PLEASE don’t say that to the artist in the  Artist Alley they actually have to make things from scratch and have to work twice as hard and if they are an out of state they have to pay extra to get it shipped.

In conclusion the Dealer’s room is here to find really cool things and actually get to see and feel items you want to buy unlike buying off the internet. Please use the tips I have give you to better your shopping experience at the con and , don’t be rude to  the vendors because just like you they work hard for their money too. Happy shopping!

Jocelyn Fisher

Jocelyn loves all things anime and nerdy. She also has taken up the hobby of cosplaying in the last decade. She is from the Kentucky area. She spends most of her free time drawing, writing, reading, and sewing. She also likes to spend her free time wondering the wastelands of Fallout with her Ghoul companion Hancock.