Yuri!!! on Ice Retro-View: More Than Fanservice

In November of 2016, my social media accounts were flooded with memes from Yuri!!! on Ice. I was far from interested. I assumed that it was going to be another sports anime full of fanservice and some irksome queerbaiting. I avoided it as much as possible, content with playing round after round of Overwatch instead. […]


Movie Review: Batman And Harley Quinn

If you’re a fan of “Batman: The Animated Series”, then this movie will be a pleasant trip down memory lane. It’s a throwback to the classic series’s episode “Harlequinade”, where Batman and Harley team up to find the Joker. This time, Batman (Kevin Conroy) needs Harley Quinn’s (Melissa Raunch) help to locate Poison Ivy. To […]

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Overwatch Is FREE To Try This Weekend!

If there’s one game that seems to be everywhere these days, it’s Overwatch. Available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Overwatch has solved the “I don’t have that console” problem that some gamers face by supplying the game on three major platforms (sorry, Nintendo gamers!) Overwatch is a team-based, multiplayer online game that was […]

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Why you should not haggle with a dealer at a convention

The Dealer’s room has to be the most visited place at the convention, it’s where you can find imported goods such as plushies, wall scrolls, food, and more. In this article we are going to take a behind the scenes look at why things cost so much in the dealer’s room.  Think of the dealers […]