Doctor Who: The Pilot

Doctor Who: The Pilot

After the Christmas special back in December, it was confirmed that season 10 is to be the last season for the 12th Doctor. Rather you love him or hate him he will be remembered in the line-up of doctors in the past 50 years. Before you get into reading this article, I must give you a spoiler warning in case you haven’t seen this episode yet.

The episode starts out with the new companion, Bill Pots, stepping into a university setting to meet a professor in his office for tutoring. The Doctor is shown to be the professor who teaches physics on the campus. Bill being a chip seller on campus was scheduled for tutoring everyday one on one with the professor.

One day as Bill was walking around the campus she saw the Professor and another person going into the University’s basement. She decides to follow them leading her to a device that they were working on. She decides to walk away in hopes that she wasn’t caught. On her way out she meets a girl named Heather who had a different color pigment in one of her eyes.

She leads Bill to a puddle in a alley way remarking about how it hasn’t rained in weeks and, that there was something different about the reflection she saw. Bill took notice to this as well, but she couldn’t tell what was so different about herself. Unlike Heather who knew what was different about herself. She told Bill that she needed to figure it out as they parted ways. There was something more sinister to this than meets the eye.

It then cuts to Christmas season and she spends it with the professor. The professor questions if she had anyone important to spend the holiday with. She told him not many people and that her mother had died when she was young. The whereabouts of her other relatives weren’t really answered. She didn’t remember much about her mother’s face because she had no pictures.

Later Bill receives a package of family pictures of her mother. Only to see that the professor was in one of them. She meets Heather again only to find she was staring at the same puddle. Bill asks to promise that she wouldn’t run away if she comes around to see what she was staring at. Heather promises but only for her to disappear when Bill runs around the corner to the puddle. It is revealed that Heather was captured inside the puddle after Bill leaves.

Bill tells the professor about the puddle, and he runs out to the place where it was located. She follows him as he makes a hypothesis that this was somehow scorch marks of a ship. Of course, this wasn’t making any sense to Bill so he tells her to go home for the night.

When she returns home, she discovers that there was someone in her bathroom and runs to the campus to warn the professor about what she saw. She finds Heather, who is all wet and repeating the same things Bill was saying to her. Heather pursues Bill who runs into the Professor’s office.

The professor and Bill both escape into the blue box. He reveals to her that he is The Doctor and the blue box is the Tardis. The same scene ensues like with every companion that is introduced. The monster taking the form of Heather continues to pursue the Tardis. The Doctor takes them into the basement where the device they were working on earlier is revealed as a vault.

The monster continues to follow them and they all travel time and space to escape it. To no avail, it would not give up. The Doctor finally concludes that the puddle is a ship that shape shifts and that it needed a pilot. Whoever was controlling the ship decided to make Heather’s body the pilot.

They try to outrun it to the time the Galifray war was going on. They run into Daleks and the monster takes over one of them. As The Doctor and company face Heather it is revealed that the alien is going off of her last conscious thoughts. Which was not to leave Bill. Bill connects with her and the alien shows her the universe. It tries to make her become part of it, but The Doctor pulls her out of it right after Bill and Heather exchange goodbyes.

They return to the campus after the wild goose chase from The Pilot. Bill wants to remember and at the same time doesn’t want to remember what transpired. The Doctor thought it would be best to take her memories, but he stops himself just before she runs out of his office. He decides to take her as his next companion and they journey off into time in space.

Starting off on this season I thought it was stronger than most of the previous seasons since Capaldi’s run. I thought this episode seemed like an ode to the 10th Doctor era. The Pilot creature reminded me of the creatures from the episode “Water on Mars.” The mind erasing scene also brought me back to when Donna Noble lost her memories. This season could very well be The Doctor’s season we’ve all been hoping for.

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