The Fate Of The Furious | Movie Review

The Fate Of The Furious | Movie Review

When I heard there was going to be another Fast and Furious movie, I had my doubts. So when Fate of the Furious came out in theaters, I waited a whole 3 days before I went and saw it. I even left a Facebook status asking Vin Diesel to not let me down. Then the lights dimmed, and the screen got bright and started rolling all the companies involved in the movie, and I was down for the ride for the next few hours and hoping like hell I would not be disappointed.

This did not really feel like another Fast and Furious movie, yes there was the same cast…sort of. But there was something different, and I felt it as soon as Cipher showed up about 10 minutes into the movie. At this current point in the movie I was telling myself that it was just because Brian was not in the movie. But as I got further into the plot of the movie I started noticing one thing. This movie could almost be a stand alone.

You had the banter between Roman, Tej, and Ramsey that was establishing their character bios. There was the joy ripped from Letty that established why she wanted Dom back. You even had the strange bro-mance going on with Hobbs and Deckard. Then the weird thing with Mr. Nobody and Little Nobody. All of which could have been a stand alone story for each character…until you got to Dom and Cipher. 

Durring the kiss between Dom and Cipher that everyone had seen in the trailer, I had this nagging feeling and I kept asking myself what Cipher had on Dom. I mean apart from the one time Dom got with Elena cause he thought Letty was dead, Dom has had eyes for no one. And now he smooching Cipher? It did not make sense, until it did.

Now I have no idea why they brought Elena back into the movie, even in the small role she was in. But I can’t say more on Elena’s reason for being in the movie because it would ruin it for those who have not seen it. But, when I saw her and thought about the title of the movie, and the nagging feeling I could not shake. I realized why I had the nagging feeling. As a movie of the Fast and the Furious franchise this movie was not good. It went from the small time criminal take downs to the somewhat larger take downs, destroying parking decks with cars, and a good bit of the street in other countries. Which is all cool and yes has pretty cars and explosions, but I wanted the story from the first few movies.

After that I sat back and watched the movie. Knowing that it was going to have thrilling chase scenes and nice cars. I laughed and almost cried at times. By the end of the movie I was so excited that I went to see the movie. I felt like I had just went on a chase of a criminal that involved submarines and Lambo’s. After the movie I decided I would walk home since it was close and a nice day out. I took the time to think about what I felt for the movie.

Yes above I said that it was not a good Fast and the Furious movie. But it was an awesome Fate of the Furious movie. If you try to forget most of the history of the previous movies and just think about the characters as a team and not part of the previous movies, this movie was amazing. But something that has had me since about Fast Five is this. This team that has gone through so much, they has made friends out of people who were dead set on ending their lives, or locking them up, they have made people change through earning respect,and they have just gone through enough. I mean the jobs have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. And it was about the ending of Fast Five that I was like, okay that’s big enough. 

Now don’t get me wrong I will continue to watch every movie in the series when it comes out in theaters, just like I have since I was a teenager. But I would like to see smaller jobs, or something that makes sense. Yes when it eventually comes to the part where Ramsey connects the dots for us and we understand why Cipher has targeted Dom, the whole movie makes sense. But we had an airplane that was untraceable to everyone and that just blew my mind. And when I think back to watching Brian almost beat Dom in the first movie, the dots just don’t connect. The characters stories are pretty good, until Deckard comes back into this movie, that I don’t get. I feel all in all the popularity of the movies have pushed to make this huge deal out of every “job” they go on. 

Go watch the movie and form you own thoughts. Like I said, the movie is amazing but only if you think of it as a stand alone movie and not a part of the series. Or at least it did to me.

Leave some comments letting me know what you think about the movie, I would love to hear what others have to think on this movie.