Say It Ain’t So! | Bob’s Burgers Is Leaving Netflix

Say It Ain’t So! | Bob’s Burgers Is Leaving Netflix

Netflix has easily taken over as the best replacement for cable television, with other services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and HBO Now also help to supply your favourite shows to you On Demand for far cheaper costs than cable providers offer! Seriously, I subscribe to all of these and pay a substantial amount less than the minimum cable plan my provider would offer. It’s amazing!

Still, there always comes a day when your providers have to let you down. Hulu did it last month when it removed MTV’s The Challenge from its roster, forcing me to have to purchase all of the seasons from Amazon Prime to supplement my addiction. And this month, Netflix is pulling a far, far worse move…

In what is surprisingly and sadly not an April Fool’s Day prank, Bob’s Burgers is being pulled from Netflix’s roster on April 01st, 2017.

I know. I know. I feel those feels, too.

Netflix’s licensing deal with Fox for the show is ending at the end of March, which means that Bob’s Burgers is going away with it. Thanks to memes and new merchandise, Bob’s Burgers has seen a surge in popularity as of late. This has resulted in higher licensing costs, and in the end, Netflix had to pass. The only curse of a show becoming more mainstream is that it also becomes increasingly more exclusive to find.

As of now, Bob’s Burgers will remain on Hulu’s platform, so diehard fans may wish to pick up a Hulu subscription as well. In all honesty, Netflix and Hulu supplement each other well (watch current seasons on Hulu, watch past seasons on Netflix), so the price of both is well worth it. You can also pick up the box sets of each Bob’s Burgers season for a relatively low cost on Amazon.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Bob’s Burgers follows the daily misadventures of the Belcher family, similar to The Simpsons and Family Guy. Patriarch Bob Belcher is the owner of a hamburger joint, which is run with the assistance of his wife Linda, and their three children Tina, Gene, and Louise. The Belcher family resides in an apartment above the restaurant, which increases the odds for mischief, especially thanks to the children.

While adult humour is present, it is to a far less degree than shows like Family Guy and South Park, meaning that families can enjoy Bob’s Burgers together without the young ones picking up on language and humour that they should steer away from. This more family-friendly atmosphere has definitely aided in the success of Bob’s Burgers, and it is sure to contribute to its future successes as well.

If you are devastated and heartbroken over the loss of Bob’s Burgers, you can request that Netflix keep the show on its networks. Netflix actually has a nifty little page where you can submit your favourite movies and television shows, and they often pick their new content based off of what people are demanding. While I am not sure who is viewing these submissions on the other end of the form, it is worth a try. Feel free to submit your own show and movie recommendations as well!

You can fill out the form HERE.

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