The 100 Season 4 Episode 3|Review & Breakdown

The 100 Season 4 Episode 3|Review & Breakdown

What goes around comes around right? Who remembers the Night Blood (Luna) from the oil rig. You know the one that refused to be the next commander? She and some frineds show up at the gate of Arcadia with a really bad case of radiation sickness. Can you guess what this means? The Radiation is coming!

Back in Polis we have Roan coming to Octave with a little problem that involves her and knives again. The Trikru leader Indra is concerned about how easy it is for her to just turn around and kill someone. Roan tells her that she should be proud of Octavia. And in a way it’s really creepy that she can just kill on command. I really wonder if she feels anything anymore?

There is always a plot twist and this episodes arrives early. With the grounders from the oil rig arriving at Arcadia, Skykru finds out that their 6 months of survival time is really 2 months. Not only is there the ticking clock that just got cut, but the need for Clarke to make a list of Skykru members who will be allowed in Alpha station becomes even more of an issue and a pressing weight on Clarke. Of course she does not want to make the list, but Raven pushes it, and Bellamy just takes the evil glares from both of them. Raven is starting to become a leader under Clakre and Bellamy, which is giving us some character development.

But there is hope! Kind of? Jaha thinks he knows where a bunker is where all the people can stay. Now, remember what happened the last time Jaha went somewhere in search of salvation. Three words peeps: City Of Light. And when I say all the people I still only mean Skykru. Which makes me wonder when the big blow out with grounders and Skykru is going to happen. Cause right now they seem to have forgotten that they are suppose to be saving everyone.

When Bellamy and Jaha drove off, I questioned Clarke on letting Bellamy leave her sight considering what happens almost every time she does. She however does decide to go with them (thank you Clarke)! 

But that leaves Raven back at Arcadia to deal with Clarke’s mom and allows us the viewers to find out just how bad it really is. Not only is their a food shortage, but there is also a medical shortage. Which is going to make things very uncomfortable to the next 5 years or that’s the number they keep throwing out anyway. But I can’t help but question that. It took almost 100 years-that we know of- for the Earth to be safe again. Why are they only saying 5 years for a ton of nuclear reactors about to melt down?

Quite a twist right? Well fear not because there is another. The little problem that Roan came to Octavia about turns into a family reunion. Indra’s daughter(who knew she had a kid?) turns out to be the one who stole the flame from Roan quarters. Which is the only way that roan is king if you have may have forgotten.

Roan’s little soldier aka Octavia comes inches away from killing the flame stealer when Indra shows up and drops the “That’s my kid bomb”. And to be honest I thought Octavia would have killed her even after Indra told her that. But there is some humanity left in her…surprisingly.

There was also the look that Octavia gave Indra when she found out who Gaia was. I think somewhere deep down Octavia thought as Indra as her mom. I felt for Octavia in this moment, she has not really been weak and it’s nice to see it. She stayed relatively well put together when she lost Lincoln I was wondering if this is going to play a role in her breakdown.

To make things worse, there are looters that are afraid of anything tech like and they step in on the reunion. Not to pat anyone on the back but, to destroy the flame. In the end Gaia and Octavia came up with a plan and decoy for the flame’s protection and safety. Which I found suprising, and then had to pick my jaw up off the floor when Octavia actually let’s Roan believe that the Flame was destroyed. Something tells me that these two characters are going to get closer, but I don’t know how much of a good thing that will be.

So the story line for this episode is to find the safe place right? And even though Clarke and Bellamy did not want to believe that the bunker Jaha found was a for real thing, there was a lot of hope to be shared between them. I myself even hoped for the bunker to be real and did a little happy dance when it was. But sadly the bunker is not what the Skykru needed.*shivers* That was a morbid scene and not exactly what I expected either. Which I think is what the writers were going for.

We wrap the episode up with Clarke making the list of the 100 to who will be chosen to stay inside alpha station when the time comes. There are two spots left and she fills one with Bellamy’s name. When he wakes up and sees she has not put her name down, he does it for her. Which shows just how much those two need one another. Jaha was right when he said that Bellamy keeps Clarke centered. I freaking hate when Jaha is right!

The final scene is when Skykru finds out that Luna is somewhat immune to the radiation. But the only reason why she is somewhat immune has to do with her night blood. Which tells us that her blood is going to play a huge part in the coming episodes. I’m just hoping that we are not going to have another Mt. Weather on our hands.

This episode was 3 out of 5. While Indra having a kid, Octavia wishing Indra was her mom, The Bunker being real but not the answer they were looking for, the Flame being “destroyed” and Luna’s blood being of some importance. I feel like I’ve seen this episode before. While my wish of Bellamy and Clarke getting together seems like it even more of an actual possibility, I literally have no idea what to expect in the next episode.

So far the season is a 4 out of 5 still. Which is good because it did not go down in anyway, but I really want to give it a 5 out of 5, we are just not there yet.

Thanks for reading peeps. I try to not spoil to much, but I just get so excited!

Look for episode 4 next week and catch up if you have not done so already.

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