The 100 Season 4 Ep. 2 Review

The 100 Season 4 Ep. 2 Review

Bellamy…Sometimes you are the best part of the 100 and sometimes you make me want to scream. In episode 2 of The 100, I do believe Clarke shares that same thought when she sends Bellamy to get the very thing that could save Skykru…just not everyone else. Then Bellamy does what Bellamy does best; the very opposite of what he was told. If you’ve not watched episode 2, stop reading here and seriously go watch.

The episode starts out with more fall out from Alie and her need for processing, I mean brain power. Roan is getting hit hard with doubt because of his honoring Skykru as the 13th clan and Jasper has a live life to fullest outlook on the end of the world ending. So just another day on Earth right?

Something that caught my attention and I really need to ask, when did Octavia get an awesome upper arm tattoo?

Moving on. Raven, Bellamy, Clarke and Monty are trying to figure out the whole not dying thing. Bellamy suggest that they should find the nearest nuclear reactor, which is what I thought they would try. But Raven tosses it out with a good point. The City of Light became a thing because the reactors had already started the melt down.

The idea of another Mt. Weather being out there is also up in the air, but Clarke kind of stomps on that as it would mean telling the grounders about the radiation and then the grounders wanting to kill Skykru. However, how would there being another Mt. Weather be a good thing? My Only question is this: Mt. Weather had people living inside of it who were not exactly the enemy, but the were also not very friendly either. What if they found another Mt. Weather and there were people in it? 

Skykru would need the grounders to not only tell them of another Mt. Weather but also protect them and help them take over it, while also making the people inside not kill the grounders and Skykru. Then you would have to see how many people could fit in it with the people who already live in it. If you don’t remember the Mountain Men and the grounders really didn’t like each other and then the Mountain Men really wanted to experiment/kill Skykru because of their immunity to radiation. What’s stopping everyone from killing everyone inside the new Mt. Weather (if there was one)?

It’s now that we get the whole point of this episode. Monty’s idea is the plot for episode 2. Alpha station survived space with high radiation and heat waves. All that needs to happen is to patch it up. But of course there is a twist, there always is. It would take a month to patch up alpha station and make it livable for about 500 people. Which is the whole of Skykru and does not include any of the Ice Nation or the other grounders. BUT! Alpha station will only keep the 500 Skykru members alive IF they get the hydro generator from Farm station, which is in Ice Nation territory. And the plot thickens!

So every episode I like to point out what I call, the Awesome Moment of the episode. Last week it was Octavia with the knives, this week it is Jasper. Jasper has overcome his brief moment of weakness and is living it up now that there is only 6 months to live. What does he decide to do? Take a shower,outside, in front of everyone. He even has a shower curtain, shower cap, a loofah, and his own shower song. Go Jasper! Just keep the curtain up buddy.

Once Bellamy and the gang reach Farm station, their secret little emblem thing does not work so well, for 2 reasons. One, Farm Station is occupied by Ice Nation. Two, the Ice Nation chick who finds them spying on Farm Station is really not a fan of Skykru. But fear not! The man in charge of the Ice Nation-Farm Station crew (I really don’t know what to call them) honors Roan’s peace treaty thing, and Bellamy along with the rest of the gang is lead to the hydro generator. See that mission was not that hard…Bellamy don’t do it!

The chamber that has the hydro generator has an extra feature that was not there before, slaves. There is also a surprise waiting for them when they see that Riley is alive and also a slave. Now somewhere before this scene there is a line delivered by I believe Harper. She asks what grounder knows how to power up Farm Station? Well, I guess we now know that it was not a grounder, it was Riley. Or that’s what I’m guessing. They never come out and say “Hey Riley, good job powering up Farm Station for the Grounders man.”

The group makes their way to the generator where they briefly argue over what to do about the slaves. They are split in half on using the generator to blow the place up and save the slaves or take the generator and deliver it back to Clarke and Raven. The decision was almost made to take it and go, until a slave girl walks past them and drops a note for Bellamy. Which of course seals the deal on saving Riley and the Slaves.

Pausing here for a moment. I know I should remember Riley, but I don’t. They would not have created this whole scene around saving him if he was not important, cause face it it’s not about the slaves, it’s about saving him. I just really don’t remember him (Sorry Riley old pal).

Un-pausing and moving on. This is where I had to scream at the tv and say “DON’T DO IT BELLAMY!!!” But, I’m going to leave you hanging on that one. As I’m sure I was not the only one wanting to murder Bellamy at this point. And I also got to leave some of the episode for you to watch right?

Meanwhile back in Polis! Octavia, Marcus, and Clarke’s mom are back in Polis trying to keep Roan alive. Which is not proving to be easy as he pissed off most of his own people by honoring Skykru as the 13th clan. There is one ambassador who is particular not fond of Roan and has challenged him to a duel. Which of course is a problem considering he is still healing from where he took the bullet for Clarke.

Marcus attempts to talk to the ambassador(always the diplomat), which of course does not work. So what does Octavia do? What she does best, but I’m also going to leave that one for you to watch. The line “Long live the King.” has never sounded so scary and awesome at the same time. Octavia’s switch has so been flipped by the death of Lincoln! And something tells me that it’s going to play an even bigger role than it did last season. Cause she seriously has no problem pulling a blade out.

The episode was wrapped up with Roan finding out that the ambassador is dead due to his heart stopping. Clarke being happy that Bellamy is back with the hydro generator, until she see’s the back of the vehicle and that there are a bunch of people and no generator!

There was also a touching moment between Jaha and Clarke where he gives her a pep talk about being a leader. This in turn changes Clarke’s mind about telling everyone about the reactors. But, she lied. While the lie got the help Raven needed for the ship repairs. It also gave them hope for something that at the current moment (thank you Bellamy) is not possible. It also made a rift between the grounders and Skykru. Cause face it, the Ice Nation are bound to show up and see what is going on. Because not all of the grounders know what’s going on. Roan and his second in command does, but that’s it.

As far as the episode goes. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.  While the end goal was so not meet and I can’t figure out who Riley is. There was character development out of the supporting characters and a lot less of Clarke. Don’t get me wrong, I love Clarke but until Clarke does something besides lie, I’m going to be a little off of my wish for Clarke and Bellamy to get together. Even though I feel like it is happening this season.

I know it’s a little early to be rating the season. But I give the 2 episodes of season 4 a 4 out of 5. They are establishing a storyline. I just wish we knew what it was.

Stay tuned for episode 3 review coming next week. Hopefully it won’t be as late as this one. Sorry, life sucks.

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