What is Ipsy?

What is Ipsy?

Have you ever had a product or a service that you loved so much, but could not figure out how to get the word out? That’s kind of how ipsy made me feel, but I just wasn’t sure how to get the word out about ipsy. Then it hit me, I’m a part of this awesome blogging site! So I decided I would write a blog it.

Now this is kind of an intro to a series of blogs that I plan on writing. So I’m going to give you a bit of information on the who, what, when, where, and why. Just stick with me here, I will make this as quick as possible…maybe.

About 3 years ago, I joined a mailing service that sent out samples of makeup products for the simple fact that I sucked at finding makeup for myself. I understood the eyeliner and a few skin care things but, for the most part, was clueless about the rest of it. So, I went to social media to learn how to fix this problem, and learn what a contour was. That was when a friend of mine told me about ipsy.

Off to Google I went, and discovered this vast wealth of information! But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself so let’s slow down. ipsy is possible the best thing on Earth. All of my questions are being answered as I receive products and I’m able to ask more questions that before, I would have never thought to ask. Now why is ipsy awesome? Because the makeup/skin care market is huge! You can go to a store and stand there with 10 different products in your hand trying to figure out which one is the best for you, end up spending $100 on 2 or 3 products, get home and hate them all. Now you could return them, and some places allow that, but others are not that nice. Best rule of thumb is: if the seal is broken, they likely won’t take it back. And, if you’re wondering, I was that girl who spent a lot of money on products and then hated them.

When my friend told me about ipsy, I was like maybe this will help me. So I looked up the information. ipsy is $10 a month subscription service in which you get a cute makeup bag and 5 samples. Now, sometimes you get a few full-sized products, or a deluxe sample, but you get 5 new things to try out each month…for $10! I’ve also started using the makeup bags as a wallet! Now there are no pockets, but that’s okay with me since I only keep the barest amount in my wallet to start with. However, if you’re like me you’ll want to keep the receipt for just about everything you buy for at least a month, then forget to take it out of your wallet, it also prompts you to do so when you can’t find your debit card in the mess of receipts.

As you can see I have 265 points to spend and as of the writing of this post, there are 3 items I can choose from, but I only have enough points for 1.

Okay, time to reel it back in! There are other great things about ipsy. For example, you can earn points for reviewing the products you got for the month. You use these points to get or “buy” other products that may have been in the months product pool but were not in your bag.

Then there are also the stylist that post almost daily on almost every social media that is known to man. They answer questions, give tips, and just talk to the fans. Which is very helpful when you don’t know diddly about makeup in the first place!

I’m going to go more into detail here, cause I bet your asking what a product pool is. So every month there are more than just the 5 products you got in your bag, because not all 5 of those products meet the same profile as someone else. So, I’m not sure if ipsy calls it a product pool, it’s just what I happen to be calling it for as a description of the list of products available.

When you start ipsy, you set up a profile and answer questions on you skin type or color, your eye color, what some of the makeup companies you prefer are, what are some of the products you’re interested in, how comfortable you are with makeup, etc.

Then every month based on the questions you answered and the theme for the month(which I think is what determines the products) you get 5 products. This kind of a hit or miss… There are months where I look at the product list and think to myself “Why is that not in my bag?” or “There is no way I’m going to put this on my face again.” But I’ve learned so much from ipsy and the stylists.

For example, I had issues keeping eye shadow on because of the structure of my face. Found out there was such thing called “eye shadow primer”, now did it fix the whole issue? No, but at least now you can actually tell when I’m wearing more than one color or shade of eyeshadow, as it’s not all blobbing together into one mess of color.

At this point, you more than likely think I was someone who climbed out from under a rock one day and decided to try this thing called makeup. I was 26 when I discovered ipsy. So, as most teenage girls do, I discovered makeup around high school, but my knowledge was limited to whatever was sold at Wal-Mart. I had no clue that there were companies like, Tarte, or The Balm. I also had no clue that there were stores like Sephora or Ulta. But I discovered all this thanks to ipsy.

At this point, I know what a contour is and I can somewhat actually contour my cheeks…however I don’t understand the nose, I somehow make it look like I got punched in the nose. I also discovered an entire world of skin care that I was not aware of, and girl I needed skin care badly. I have had dry skin since it seems like forever, but only on certain parts of my face. I learned that putting oils on your face can be a good thing, you just have to choose wisely, and maybe do a few prep steps beforehand.

Basically, I just want to thank ipsy and everyone involved all the way down to the person that puts the products in my cute metallic pink mailer every month. I’m also going to end this blog here. If you want to read a follow-up, or maybe a review of some of the products I get every month, let me know. I’m in no way an expert, I just want to pass on the knowledge that I’ve learned to those who could be struggling, just like I was.