Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa

Born: 19bby Polis Massa 2 days after Empire Day Gender: Female
Height: 4’9”
Hair Color: Brown in episodes 4-6 Grey later in episode 7
Eye Color: Brown
Family: Skywalker Family, Adopted into House of Organa
Affiliations: Galactic Empire, Imperial Senate, The Rebellion (In secret), Alliance to restore, the Republic, Alliance Fleet, Alliance High Command, Bright Tree Tribe (Honorary Member), New Republic, Pupulists, Elder House, Resistance

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. two force-sensitive twins were born on the asteroid Polis Massa Base. Their mother, Padame Amadala, rushed to give birth to the twins, Leia and Luke. After being attacked by Anakin Skywalker, both her husband and a Jedi Knight who turned to the dark side, Padame lost her will to live and died shortly after giving birth.
After the tragic Jedi Massacre, both Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kanobi and Jedi Master Yoda knew that the two children would one day be strong with the Force. Thus, they had to be protected from the Emperor Palpatine, who intended to hunt down all remaining Jedi and destroy them. In this case, Obi-Wan and Yoda knew that it would be best to keep the twins separated.

Bail Organa offered to adopt baby Leia since he and his wife, Queen Breha Organa, were childless and longing for a daughter. Baby boy Luke was to be sent to Tatooine with his father’s stepbrother, Owen Lars, and Owen’s wife Beru. Obi-Wan watched both children grow from a distance, and nineteen years would pass before the twins saw each other again.

Leia Amadala Skywalker inherited the name Leia Organa from her adoptive parents and was crowned princess of Alderaan. Even though the people of Alderaan knew that she was adopted, it was widely assumed that she was orphaned due to the clone wars. The fate of her biological parents wasn’t known, but being Force-sensitive left Leia with mental images of her real mother. Leia felt that her mother was “Very beautiful, kind…but sad.”

Throughout her childhood Princess Leia was taught by her father to appreciate their workers and their people, and the importance of her duties as an eventual queen of the planet. She was also taught by many of her aunts about how to act like a proper princess. She loved her aunts, but Leia was not enthused about a life of sitting on a pedestal of looks and bowed down to for her beauty. She also did not want to sit around waiting for a suitable husband. She would often stand alongside her parents while attending most of Alderaans endless ceremonies, showing no emotion or complaint. One day, she complained to one of her aunts that a princess’s job had to be more than just sitting idly and silently doing her job, but unfortunately, that is exactly what her aunt explained that she must do.

At the age of sixteen, Leia began aiding her father in the early rebel alliance, taking empire ships to Alderaan to aid the rebels in secret. This was Leia’s start in the fight against the empire. Two rebels named Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger disguised themselves as Stormtroopers to assist Leia with this mission. Unfortunately, the Empire was one step ahead of them. Another plan was devised, and the rebels pretended to take Leia hostage. Ezra asked why Leia wished to risk her life. She replied, “I feel like, because I can fight, I have to for those who cannot. And I think you might be the same way.”
The rebel alliance attacked the Empire’s security and busted their ships out of confinement. In order to not alarm the empire of Alderaan’s alliances, Ezra created an illusion by pretending to shoot Leia. This allowed the alliance to escape with the ships and successfully complete the mission.

Later, Leia took her father’s place in the Senate. She met Emporer Palpatine and faced Darth Vader, not knowing of their familial ties to one another.
During the Galactic War, Leia was sent to rendezvous with Obi-Wan Kenobi about the Death Star plans, but she was captured by Stormtroopers and taken to Darth Vader’s ship. Leia became his prisoner and was shown the power of the Death Star. Alderaan was the Death Star’s test subject, and thus the planet was destroyed in front of her eyes. Still in possession of the Death Star plans, Leia encrypted them into R2-D2 to send to Tatooine, where Kenobi resided.
Leia’s rescuers, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, came to her aid disguised as Stormtroopers and escaped on the Millennium Falcon. They headed to Yavin 4 to hand the plans over to the alliance for the Death Star.

After the battle of Yavin, Leia gave Skywalker and Solo medals for their heroic deeds. They all gave a moment of silence to their fallen comrades and the loss of Alderaan before traveling to planet Hoth to check up on a rebel base. Luke went out on a solo mission soon disappeared. Leia planned to send a search party to go locate him, but Han ventured out instead and returned with an injured Luke.

After finding Luke, the Empire started to attack the Hoth Rebel Base. Leia ordered all rebels to escape, but unfortunately she became trapped due to the attack. Han, wanting to leave due to a bounty put on his head by Jabba The Hutt, came to her rescue. Post-battle, Luke separated and was told to go to the Degaba System by Obi-Wan.

Leia, Han, and Chewie continued their escape from the Imperials while being hunted continuously. In Cloud City, the company met with Lando Calrissian, only to be led to Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. Han Solo was tortured and used to test the carbonite chamber. Knowing that this would be her last opportunity, Leia confessed her love to him before he was fully frozen in carbonite, and offered to Jabba The Hutt as a gift from the Imperials.

Lando helped to lead Chewie and Leia out of Cloud City and into the Millennium Falcon, where Luke was hanging from a railing off one of the buildings and was badly injured after discovering Darth Vader was his father. They left Cloud City, and planned a way to save Han from Jabba The Hutt.

Luke’s plan to free Han Solo was to use  an old Jedi meditation technique that would guarantee the infiltration of Jabba’s Palace. He first sent in R2-D2 and C3P0 as gifts. Then, Leia and Lando disguised themselves as bounty hunters to give Chewie to Jabba as a prisoner. Later, after everyone was asleep, Leia slipped in to free Han Solo from the carbonite. Leia managed to free Han Solo, but she was caught before she could escape and was taken as Jabba’s slave.

Luke infiltrated the palace with his Jedi mind technique and confronted Jabba, only to be captured as well. With R2-D2 giving Luke his light saber, he fought the staff alongside Han Solo and Lando. Leia slipped behind Jabba and suffocated him, then taking the torpedo guns to fire at the deck of Jabba’s ship and leading to their escape from Tatooine.

Luke later finds out from Yoda that there is another Skywalker, other than his father. Obi-Wan, as a Jedi ghost, appears and reveals that Leia is his sister. He goes back to the rebel base to meet Leia and Han and they all get assigned a mission to Endor to take over the imperial base and destroy the new Death Star’s shields. While on Endor, Leia gets separated from the party, and during a pursuit from the imperials, she befriends the native Ewoks of the planet.

When the company meets up with one another via capture, they also befriend the Ewoks thanks to Luke’s influence of the force. Later, Luke reveals to Leia that they are twin siblings and that he is going to confront Darth Vader. Leia then reveals that deep down she always knew that they were related due to the Force. She tries to convince him that he doesn’t need to confront his father, but he decides to pursue Vader anyway in order to become a Jedi.

Leia leads the rebels with an army of Ewoks into a surprise attack on the imperial base. They succeed in taking the shield down, allowing the rest of the rebel fleet to take out the Death Star. Post-Galactic War, Leia married Han Solo, and together they had one child, Ben.

Princess Leia was a great female role model for women both young and old. She was not afraid to speak her mind, and she helped those who could not be helped. She was a strong woman who needed saving, but at the same time saved her comrades as well. I’m sure it was a great honor for the rebels to serve her in their fight to save the galaxy.


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