The 100 Season 4 Premier Review

The 100 Season 4 Premier Review

Ahhhh the 100 is back!!! Okay, whew I had to get that out of my system. Just to make sure you know, this is going to have some spoilers…sorry! I’ll do my best to keep it to a minimum though. But if you did not watch last nights season 4 premier, you might want to wait until you have, before you continue reading this.

Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia

So last night I spent the whole hour wishing that Clarke and Bellamy would finally kiss. Those two have had a
growing tension between them since season 1. I, however did not get my wish, but something tells me I will get it sometime during this season as I’m not the only 100 fan out there wishing this to be a thing. I just hope the writers don’t do it to pander to the masses and the kiss makes sense for the characters.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s step back to like the last 30 seconds of season 3. Clarke beats Alie and destroys the city of light knowing that if she did so, there was a good chance that Alie was telling the truth about the world ending in 6 months. One of the last scenes we see is Bellamy telling Clarke to be happy, they just saved the world. Then Clarke tells him about the nuclear reactors breaking down and the world ending.

We basically pick up with the same scene, or more or less the same theme. The SkyKru has yet again survived an insurmountable danger, time to face the next, which is outside waiting for them in the form of the Ice Nation who are pissed because Clarke killed the commander. Little flash back for you, Lexa was the commander. But she died and Ontari became the next commander. Ontari was Ice Nation and that is why her death has made the Ice Nation mad. Oh! That and Roan took a bullet for Clarke and is now dying. Which is basically what this episode is about. Saving Roan so that as the King of the Ice Nation and there being no commander, he could honor the Skykru as the 13th clan and they can find out how to save everyone on the planet.

Octavia’s awesome moment

We also have yet another amazing moment from Octavia. She was smuggled into the room with Roan as the corpse of Ontari and then did this awesome knee slid thing with two knives. Let’s just say she freaking rocked and there are two more dead Ice Nation peeps on the behalf of the Sky Screw. Octavia meeting Lincoln was the best thing to happen to that character to be honest.

We also catch up with Raven, Monty, Jasper and Harper in Arcadia, who are trying to figure out what to do now that they are no longer under the death sentence that was Alie. Raven kicks everyone out the room the were all in battling it out with Alie in the cyber world. Which face it, typical Raven thing to do. Work to keep her mind of the pain of her leg. That leaves Monty, Jasper, and Harper. Monty and Harper decide to have a little fun with each other and we get a sweet moment where they are both shyly trying to figure out if the other want to continue the relationship when the rest of the Skykru returns to Aradia.

Jasper has a low moment in this episode where he tries to commit suicide. I feel for Jasper as I’m sure everyone who watches the 100 does. He lost Maya and has yet to heal from it. Then he took the chip and became one of Alie’s spies. He almost stopped Raven from getting into the code for the City of Light and finding the kill switch. But! Monty has the best timing and comes to the rescue of his best friend, even though he did not know it.

Wrapping the episode up, Clarke and her mom succeed in saving Roan. Roan agrees to honor the 13th clan, only because Clarke gave him the flame. Which was really difficult for Clarke as it was the last place she saw Lexa, and even though we all are shouting at the top of our lungs for Clarke and Bellamy to be a couple. Clarke loved Lexa, and that was a driving force for Clarke for most of season 3.

Since the Skykru is now the 13th clan, they can go home and work on saving the world from dying due to the radiation blast from the nuclear reactors. Which brings us to the end of episode 1.

As a premier episode..this kind of was lacking. I know we had to get a feel for our favorite characters again. But apart from Octavia being a badass with those knives, Jasper feeling the immense pressure of what he almost did, and Clarke giving up the flame (essentially giving up Lexa), I felt let down. I’m glad that Bellamy is becoming Clarke’s other half as far as the two of them becoming leaders, and I hope they further develop that plot line with them. I am already waiting for episode 2 and have even marked it down on my calendar to watch.

Summary time! I give this a 3 out of 5 for a pilot episode. A 4 out of 5 for it just being another episode of the 100 and a yes to watching it again. Seasons 1&2 are on Netflix and I believe season 3 is as well, if not give it a minute and it should be on there shortly, and you can catch season 4 on The CW every Wednesday at 9PM/8PM . I look forward to hearing from all the fans of the 100 who read this, so comments are welcome.

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