Nerdy Crafts for the New Year

Nerdy Crafts for the New Year

Everyone out there has at least one New Year’s Resolution, and I can’t bet that at least one of them has to do with spending more time relaxing! What better way to relax in a way you can express your nerdy self and make something all new? I’m going to talk about nerdy crafts anyone can take up and make tons of nerdy goodies!

#1. Crochet

Claptrap amigurumi

R2-D2 Bennie

Hyrule Shield Blanket


Generally, when you think of crochet, the image of your grandmother probably comes to mind. However, learning to crochet can be one of the easiest ways to express all the fandoms you love while still remaining useful. Plus, plenty of people would pay good money for the right minion hat or amigurumi.
Speaking of amigurumi, I absolutely LOVE this Claptrap amigurumi, but that is one project that requires a lot more skill and practice.

However, hats like these don’t take much practice at all and you could easily learn how to make through simple YouTube tutorials! (That’s how my grandma tells me to learn to crochet the things I want!) With enough practice, you’ll even be able to make things like this awesome blanket!

That’s the great part about crochet, is its versatility and the freedom you have to make almost anything you imagine.

#2. Embroidery

Adventure Time

Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle

Not far from the “Crochet” tree, there’s the option of embroidery. Its another option that’s highly versatile, and gives you the freedom to make anything you can think of.

There’s an entire page on Instructables that teaches you the things you need to get started, how to use the hoop, and countless stitches you can use. This is one of the crafts mentioned here that I haven’t yet tried myself, but have inspired to do so simply for all the awesome nerdy patterns I’ve seen done all over the internet. If you’re not sure of it yourself, take a moment to google search, and maybe you’ll get inspired too!



#3. Stamp Making


Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Toad

So, this crafting hobby may be more of one for those of us who adore papercrafts, but there have been plenty of times I wish I had the perfect nerdy stamp in scrapbooking, letter writing, bujo making, or collages. I hate that I can’t buy the perfect ones on my own at craft stores, but making them myself would still be tons of fun! You can get the rubber yourself and glue them to wood pieces like Instructable tells you how to do. However that requires a certain amount of skill in carving, example: Batman on the left.

However, there are also machines like this one that you can buy that will make the stamp for you.



#4. Perler Beads

Space Invaders


One craft that seems to be a favorite among nerds already is using Perler Beads. Perler Beads are little plastic beads you arrange on pegboards and then melt them together using an iron. This one is probably the easiest to get started with, and the easiest to pick up on. It, too, is highly versatile and many people display these by framing theme, putting them on their walls, or turning them into magnets.

No matter what you choose, crafts are a great way to express yourself and enjoy your fandoms in other facets of your life.

Which craft do you think would be the best for nerds? Tell us in the comments!