Upcoming Movies of 2017!

Upcoming Movies of 2017!

Every year it seems that Hollywood keeps pumping out films that have us all jazzed to go to the theaters! And this year is no exception, there is an absolutely stellar lineup of geek films that are sure to make us all happy! Here are some of the top ones on my list this year!


Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume 2

The gang is back! It’s time to see Star Lord, Gamorra, Drax, Rocket, and Groot back in action as they take on their next challenges, and try to find the truth about Star Lord’s father! This one has me really excited to see where this story goes!


Alien: Covenant

When the crew of the colony ship Covenant stumbles across what they believe is an untouched planet, they meet a survivor of the Prometheus project. Soon they find themselves face to face with a hostile alien species… I think everyone has been waiting years for this, even if they didn’t know it!


Justice League

DC finally unites Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg together in a film! Watch as they become the Justice League and battle Steppenwolf! I have been anticipating this movie for some time now, and I’m very excited to see it finally being released!



Watch as Wolverine turns into a mentor for a young mutant who has the same abilities he does, as he rescues her from the government agency that has been experimenting on children since the decline of mutant births. I’m actually looking forward to seeing a softer side of Wolverine, and have high hopes for this one!


Transformers: The Last Knight

While Optimus Prime is off searching for the Quintessons, the creators of their race, the rest of the Transformers are on Earth fighting off alien threats and the Decepticons! After the last few movies, I’m hoping this one picks up a bit more, and we get to see a better storyline this time.


Thor: Ragnarok

Trapped on the other side of the universe and forced to do gladiatorial combat with the Hulk, Thor must find a way back to Asgard to stop the destruction of his people. Lately Marvel movies have seemed to focus on multiple characters, even if the film is supposed to focus on a singular character. I hope this one brings it back into the right focus, and we get to see more of Thor, rather than it feeling like another “Avengers” movie.


Wonder Woman

During World War I, Steve Trevor finds himself being saved by the Princess Diana. Once she finds out the world is in conflict, she takes up the mantle of Wonder Woman and leaves Themyscira to find her place in the world! I’m hugely excited for this movie. I’ve been highly anticipating this one for quite some time now.


Spider Man: Homecoming


Adjusting to life after his last adventure helping out The Avengers, Peter Parker tries to adjust to regular life again. While trying to keep up with normal responsibilities, he fights the urge to be a hero, that is until the Vulture shows up and threatens everything he loves!


Even with this list there are so many more! Keep an eye out for part two of this article as more info comes out about more great movies! For now, save up ticket money and get ready, and I’ll see you at the movies!