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Nerdy Bujoing Part 1: The Basics

While planners are often considered something your mom might use, bullet journaling is a system you can alter to be just the way you want it. In this series, I’ll be giving examples on how the bullet journal can work for any and every nerd. This post will be discussing some of the basics about what bullet journaling is, and how it can help with one of the most basic nerdy ways.

First, I’ll discuss the bullet journal system. Bullet journaling is simply a planner, that you make yourself. First off, you have a calendar. This is where you keep track of important events. Then, you have daily pages, where you incorporate all of your to-do’s(yes you plan what you get done every day!) and daily events from your calendar. Next, there are things called collections. These are like reference pages, like for your video games. You also have a thing called a “brain dump”, where you empty your brain of everything confusing you in order to better plan it. Use a convention for an example, you can brain dump everything you need to do to prepare for the convention. Paying the hotel, getting your cosplay ready, buying your tickets, etc. Then you migrate all those tasks to the day you need to. Finally, you have trackers. This could be movies you want to see, cosplays you have ready to go at a moment’s notice and lists of cosplays you want to create. There are an infinite number of nerdy trackers you could make for yourself, but in this article I’m going to discuss how you can incorporate the hobbies you love simply by using the basic system.

First of all, a calendar can mean the world for the busy nerd. You can track your Pathfinder nights, what day your favorite video game or comic comes out, when the next convention you plan on attending will be, and even something as simple as movies and TV( a lot of people use special trackers just for keeping up on/binge-watching their shows!).

Now that you’re using that calendar, you can incorporate what you know into your to-do lists. In your mind, you’re more likely to say, “I see that convention is coming up, so I should probably work on my cosplay.” Or even, “We’re starting a new tabletop meeting tonight, what snack was I supposed to bring?” The slightest, most random things you can think of can go into this one little book, so it doesn’t become something obnoxiously disappointing when you come unprepared.

Speaking of unprepared, the usual savings trackers would probably help really well when saving up money for your favorite convention, or if an awesome new collectible is coming out that costs a pretty penny. Just write down the price, make it into a piggy bank or even draw the action figure itself, and color it in as you save the money.

Or maybe there are tons of things you’re thinking about for the convention. Your medicine, your outfits, where to eat, who you’re gonna hang out with. Its all a swirling mess in your brain you can’t quite figure out. That’s what you use a brain dump for. That’s a place where you just write everything down on a piece of paper, focus on one thing at a time, get it done, cross it off, and move on to the next thing. This is where your to-do’s come in handy, again.

While it may sound pretty funny, having all these ways to keep your life in order makes it easier for you in the long run and takes the stress out of doing all the nerdy things you love. Not to mention the countless other ways you can add trackers to your bullet journal to track all of your nerdy hobbies individually, that makes bullet journaling the best choice for everyone around, especially us nerds.