Animosity-Comic Review

Animosity-Comic Review

If you’ve ever wondered what the apocalypse would be like if animals suddenly gained consciousness, then this comic is the one for you.

Animosity takes off running within the first issue, animals of all forms begin to “Awaken” in 2016. Our main focus of this tale is a bloodhound named Sandor and his little cowgirl, Jesse. Sandor’s has a cold, hard understanding of the new world and does everything he can to protect his Jesse. But, many encounters since the attack in New York will make you question if this nanny like behavior towards Jesse is really out of guilt or built in loyalty from the time he was a pup?

We don’t hear much from Jesse in issue #1, however, her view of the world is vastly different from her companion. Though, she is roughly 8 – 10 years old when the Awake is occurring. She seems to be adjusting to the new world with curiosity and an open heart to the animals views. Her reaction to Sandor’s first few words was meet with wide-eyed, surprise but, quick acceptance of his intelligence.

Jesse’s parents seem to be on the fence about Sandor, but you’ll have to read issue #1 to find out more. While this all seems like a sweet fairytale, make no mistake, the creator of this new Animal House environment made sure to include the uglier side of this picture. Animals have a bone to pick with humanity and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Be warned, there are some pretty graphic scenes in every issue.

Animal only militias are formed, humans trying to reverse the Awakening or at least return life to some semblance of the Before are peppered in here. There are times in this series that I even find myself wondering if certain scenes were an initial commentary on the current events in the world, such as the Aleppo Crisis.

Whether you came for the grenade-wielding deer or to see what happens with the little girl and her dog in this land of Animals, you won’t be disappointed in the narrative drive of the story.

Amazon recently released a special Kindle edition of this comic that is definitely on my list of pulls.