Start the New Year with Habitica!

Start the New Year with Habitica!

Are you like most people, and have come up with a bunch of new year’s resolutions you aren’t sure you’ll keep? Well, Habitica can help you start the new year right and keep on those tasks and on your way to your goals!
First off, Habitica is a website/mobile app that helps you focus on things you need to accomplish, in RPG style. Everything you do can earn you experience, while missing daily tasks or to-do’s will hurt your health. There are three different “sections” you use to keep track of the things you need to do, and those are your habits, your dailies, and your to-do’s. Habits are things you want to do. The example Habitica uses is walking up the stairs, and gives you a plus or minus sign. If you didn’t use the stairs and used the elevator that day instead, you’d do a minus and take a hit. For me, I use cleaning. If I don’t clean, I’m hurting. If I do, I get experience points(XP). Then, your dailies are things you have to do on a daily basis. If you don’t, you of course lose health. These are things you don’t want to give yourself a choice in, like taking your meds, making your bed. Ultimately, they’re up to you to choose. If your new year’s resolution is weight loss, you may include work out in your dailies. Finally, you have the to-do’s. These don’t have a specific due date, but the longer the items stay on your to-do list, the more it hurts you. This could be any random thing you need to accomplish.(This article is on my habitica to-do list!)

This is only the start of Habitica though. With accomplishing tasks, you make silver and gold. You can use that to purchase gear for yourself that increases your character’s stats. With XP, you level up, and at level 3 there is the chance of pet drops. You have a character you can customize to your liking, but unless you’re willing to spend real money, your customization options are pretty limited.

Here’s me with my custom stuff, my pet tiger, and my health and xp bar!

You also have the option of partying up with people you know and “fighting monsters”. Sadly, I have not yet had the chance to experience this, but the fact that you can is awesome! There are “guilds” which are more chat rooms, but you can easily use them to find people to party with for monster battles. There’s also a tavern, so if you’re feeling ill or going on a vacation, you can “check in” to the tavern and your dailies and to-do’s won’t hurt you while you’re away, so you don’t have to be afraid of the days you won’t have time to do much.

While I have absolutely fallen for this app over the last few days, and it could definitely change the new year’s resolution game, there are things I’d love to see incorporated into the app. The ability to put in actual appointments would be really cool, and if incorporated, would probably make Habitica my favorite planner options, alongside my bullet journal.

For those of you who need help keeping those new year’s resolutions, Habitica may be the app to get you going in the new year!