PS5 Rumors and GTA 4 Update

PS5 Rumors and GTA 4 Update

With the sudden influx of interest in 4K capabilities, Sony and Microsoft have scrambled to release their “4k capable” consoles. There have long been rumors concerning Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio”, but last month Sony had its own news. Rumors were flying all over the internet about the Playstation 5. It doesn’t take long for the release of a brand new console before speculation begins on the next new big thing. There are even websites predicting the release date of the Playstation 5(though according to some recent information, this website seems way off).

Rumors are the specs of the PS5 will be much improved compared to that of the PS4. It is said to include 4k resolution, of course, VR compatibility, with hopes for improved VR resolution and capability, and offer a better processor than its predeccesor, the Pro. Some rumors suggest we will no longer be able to use “hard disk” copies of games, that they will be completely virtual, or quite possibly could be “streamed”, like Playstation Now. The website mentioned above alo has some very interesting theories on specs, including having holographic displays and 40TB hard drives! While this is obviously a stretch, its still very interesting, and you can find that link here.

While the Pro is, at this point, barely a month old, Wallstreet Journal Tokyo reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, gave an oddly specific release of Quarter 2 of year 2018, about 6 months after the alleged release of Project Scorpio (two years earlier than the aforementioned website projecting a 2020 release).

While the information we have is still very vague, for those who are Sony fans and adore their Playstation and are tired of the “Project Scorpio” news, this new information is a breath of fresh air. The only thing left is to wait for more information as production on this new console continues.

In other gaming news, however, gamers were also surprised to find a new PC patch for GTA 4, for the first time in over 6 years. The update included compatibility with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. For the most part, however, it focused on fixing bugs that may have been plaguing fans for awhile(at least 6 years, that is). One thing the update doesn’t do was remove the framework for Games for Windows Live, however there are still ways to work around this. However, seeing as the recommended system specs are on the lower side, you may find some issues on modern high-end rigs.

Whether this tells us there will be more updates in the future-while highly doubtful, we have no way to know.Though it could possibly hail some new content for the series in its entirety as an opportunity to attract attention. However, this may not be enough to heal some of the bad blood between the game developer, Rockstar Games, and PC gamers, considering GTA V did not release for PC at launch and some hail GTA 4 as one of the 5 worst PC ports ever. Much like the PS5, all we have is speculation moving forward, until more information comes to light.