How to Geek Out this Holiday Season

How to Geek Out this Holiday Season

As you sit in your living room, staring at your usual tree, you get bit by the creative bug. But, you think, how and what can I do to make this house more my Geek Den? Well, I’m here to help you out! I love being creative, and I’ve done all the research for you. Here are a few ways to geek out this holiday season.

Create your own ornaments for that plain tree. Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, a Whovian, Browncoat, or you fancy yourself a total comic, video game geek, or just like a good book there are so many easy ways to get creative and spice up your space.

First, grab yourself a pack of ornaments. You can get these on Amazon, or at your local dollar store, or mass merchandiser for pretty cheap. Keep in mind what you want the end to be. If you’re doing Doctor Who, you might want to grab some blue and gray, if you’re doing Portal, grab some orange and blue, etc. If you have no idea, clear is a great go-to!

Next, head to your local craft store, or just stay at home shopping on Amazon. You’ll want to look for things like felt, feathers, popsicle sticks, ribbon, etc.

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Print out a Tardis, insert it into a clear ornament, then add some “snow”

Take some gold flecks, black sand, and other fillings, put them each into their own ornament, then print out a label to make your own potion bottles.

Example with Black Sand

Sew together 2 pieces of felt, and glue on some white felt for a chemical holiday bang!

Using basic gold and silver ornaments, then glue on some gems/balls, then add some silver pipe cleaners and you’ve got yourself some classic Doctor Who!

Print out words from your favorite book, cut out using fancy scissors or a xacto knife, then insert into a clear ornament.

Glue some strips of lines from your favorite book, like this one from Harry Potter, then add some extras to round it off.

Cut out some super geek icons, like these game controllers, from thick cardstock or cardboard. Then hand on your Geekirific tree!

Why not get a pack of skelly keys, and turn them into a festive addition to your place?

Are you more simple with decor? Then take some bad RAM, or some cogs and gears turning them into some super ornaments!

Example with Cogs and Gears

Use blue for a wreath, then add a Tardis for a splash of Doc Who!

Use an old Mason Jar for a Doctor Who snow globe.

Easy, simple, but oh such a lovely touch. Print out “on” and “off” words in the language of your favorite geekdom, then put it above and below your light switch.

Use some skeleton keys, add paper or ribbon wings, and hang them from the ceiling. Take toilet paper rolls, put hot glue around the edges of the top, then glue in a tea light at the top. Hang from the ceiling!

 Want to make a weeping angel? Use a Barbie doll torso, and a plastic bottle for the base. You’ll still need to hit the craft store for some molding clay, and some paints.

This is a great idea for a banner, or use your fandom style for place makers & seating charts.

Are you hosting this year? Making some fun settings, or a whole house theme may take some time, but will impress all your guests! Here is a great idea for all those Harry Potter fans.









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