Game Review: My Horse Prince

Game Review: My Horse Prince

Angela Nicole
13th December 2016

There are those video games that you play because they look amazing and have been hyped for months or years. There are those video games that you play because they are part of a long-loved series that you cannot bear to let go.

And then, there are those games that you play because you cannot believe that they exist in the first place.

My Horse Prince falls into the latter of those three categories. Created by Usaya Co., My Horse Prince takes your typical dating simulator gameplay and launches it into all-new levels of awesome and slight horror. You see, it tells the story of a girl who loves a horse. And not in your stereotypical “I want a pony for my birthday” sort of way. She really loves him. He also possesses a human teenager’s face.

Yes, this is one of those games.


Lore is put in place to explain the gameplay by everyone’s friendly ranchhand, who appears to have been drawn with MS Paint rather than the smooth, Anime styles of the other two characters. The ranchhand explains that women born under the Sign Of The Horse sometimes hallucinate human faces onto horses. The titular horse, Yuuma, agrees that he is just an ordinary horse as he speaks to main character Umako.

The gameplay then shifts from simple dialogue to a minigame, where you rapidly tap on items for Yuuma to use. Talking to him during these minigames improves Yuuma’s energy and stamina, and completing the necessary minigames raises his affection towards you.

Again, I warned you.

This is one of those games.

Luckily, the game never gets into the truly disturbing territory that’s only vaguely hinted at by the context, leaving behind a multitude of humourous text stemming from Umako’s awkward attraction and revulsion, Yuuma’s spastic movements and suave behaviour, and the general ridiculousness of the game’s entire premise.

My Horse Prince is free to download on both iOS and Android devices, with a $1 in-app purchase to remove all ads and a $2 option to permanently double any in-game points earned.

Angela Nicole Chu

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