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Ugly Sweaters for the Comic Book Lover

T’is the season for the annual, ugly sweater parties. This year, let’s bring the spirit of winter with comic book inspired sweaters.

If you’re on a budget, these suggestions range from $25-50 before tax.

These days, most shops carrying these horrible creations skip the actual sweater and go for the screen printed “look-alike” sweater like with Merchoid.
They have a wide variety of faux sweaters from the Dark Knight to Star Wars.

Then there’s the odd ball shops that happen to carry a gem every now and again. The Ugly Sweater store trend is catching on again.

Halloween store…. I guess you’re a winner this time. But, be wary as you will get what you pay for, or something close to it. I’m very tempted to order the ‘Joker Santa sweater just see how itchy this thing is.

However, 80s babies rejoice! For a web store dedicated to reviving the nostalgia in clothing we should not have been allowed to wear. I’m looking at you crazy neon and weird background choices.

Remember, the holidays wouldn’t be complete with egg nog and a little humor.

Happy holidays!