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PS5 Rumors and GTA 4 Update

With the sudden influx of interest in 4K capabilities, Sony and Microsoft have scrambled to release their “4k capable” consoles. There have long been rumors concerning Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio”, but last month Sony had its own news. Rumors were flying all over the internet about the Playstation 5. It doesn’t take long for the release […]

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

Rogue One is an excellent vehicle for escapism. It has everything… A rag tag team fighting a totalitarian regime, political intrigue, moments of pure badassery, and just the kind of battle scenes that just appeal to the side of all of us that love to see explosions and awesome action set pieces that leave us […]

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Ugly Sweaters for the Comic Book Lover

T’is the season for the annual, ugly sweater parties. This year, let’s bring the spirit of winter with comic book inspired sweaters. If you’re on a budget, these suggestions range from $25-50 before tax. These days, most shops carrying these horrible creations skip the actual sweater and go for the screen printed “look-alike” sweater like […]


Album Review: Kay Day “Exes”

  What happens when you love to dress up like a gorilla and eat pizza? Well, you might be Kay Day, a 25-year-old punk rock singer and comedian from New York’s Brooklyn borough. After being featured in music videos for multiple bands including All Time Low, Amity Affliction, and MAX, having a year-long stint as […]