Doctor Strange: How Does It Tie Everything Together?

Doctor Strange: How Does It Tie Everything Together?

This past weekend, Marvel’s Doctor Strange opened to great reviews and even better box office success. The latest in the Marvel Universe’s film collection starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the mystical Doctor Steven Strange was a much anticipated movie, not only because of the hero it showcased, but by the fact that this is the final hero needed to pull everything full circle!

Steven Strange is an acclaimed neurosurgeon, who after an unfortunate car accident suffers irreversible nerve damage to his hands. While seeking some way to fix them, he stumbles upon the knowledge of a place called Kamar-Taj, where one can learn the mystic arts.


Now, if you’ve been following all the Marvel movies you know that Thanos is coming, and he’s looking for the Infinity Stones. We’ve been introduced to 4 so far(Space, Mind, Reality, and Power) and if you’re a fan of Doctor Strange, you know he eventually learns to wield one himself! I’ll not spoil it for non-comic readers, but everything comes full circle! It’s about time the Avengers get a full-time magic user on the team!

Doctor Strange is a great movie, it takes all the best parts of the comic and weaves them into the Marvel Universe seamlessly. It introduces magic and doesn’t seem gimmicky while doing so,which is a great accomplishment in such an already battle heavy established world. The special effects are amazing, you can feel yourself falling into the mystical world right alongside Steven as he begins his journey on the road to becoming Sorcerer Supreme. Marvel has once again given the fans a worthy adaptation!