New Self Care for the Creative!

New Self Care for the Creative!

That’s right, a new trend for the Self Care Community has emerged in the form of a coloring book…for Adults! 

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So, what is Self Care? According to several blogospheres, Self Care is an essential component in managing stress in everyday life and balancing your mind with the body through
self-intentional remedies before taking on the next task.

For some, it’s taking the time to read a good book after a long meeting or setting a day aside for a spa day.



14881586_10211060589575218_452643176_oIs this the result of millennial still holding on to childhood past times for dear life?


But, you gotta admit, these adult versions of “color time” are pretty neat to see on local bookshelves everywhere. Just taking a mini trip to the ‘Color Therapy’ section of the Barnes and Nobles, there I found at least two shelves worth of coloring books to choose from.

Make no mistake, these coloring past time can range from explicit adult lingo such as, ‘Another F**king Coloring’ the sequel to ‘A F*@king Relaxing Coloring Book‘ to the fandom-centric books like Pusheen the Cat and Doctor Who. There was even Tolkien Bestiary, The Art of Star Wars, and more.



But, if none of these off the wall things interest you, there’s always the classical, hypnotizing Mandala Coloring Books and Garden scenery.

Pop into your local bookstore and take a look for your ideal color therapy. Show us your finished masterpieces over on the D20 Girls Project Facebook Page.