Drafting for Fantasy LCS

Drafting for Fantasy LCS

For a run down of what Fantasy League of Legends is, refer back to my first article here.

Fantasy LCS starts with the drafting phase. The drafting phase is where you begin to set up a team that will score you points throughout the season. While players can be traded and swapped anytime during the season, it is critical to select players that will fill in your team well and prevent other competitors from picking those players. Below are helpful hints and selections about the drafting process in Fantasy LCS.

The first question on your mind should be which position to prioritize in the draft. This relates firmly to the current meta of pro play, but in general there are a few good rules of thumb. Bottom Lane ADC’s should be at the top of your list in selection. ADC’s score the highest number of points compared to all other lanes and there are large discrepancies between good ADC’s and bad ADC’s when it comes to point scoring. It is less important to pick a good ADC then it is to pick an ADC on a strong consistent team. ADC’s will thrive if their team does well, therefore check over the last splits team finishes and look into selecting an ADC from the top four finishing teams.

CaptureAfter selecting an ADC, your goals may change mattering on what your opponents select. The current meta focuses on mid-lane and therefore selecting a Mid laner next would be a good choice. But I believe the better option is to select experienced, well-known, successful players. This might be someone like Bjergsen, Trick, Pobelter, or even Biofrost as they tend to dominate above the competitors in their positions. Selecting power players that have consistent gameplay is key.

Researching the players from last split and their final total points scored can help in selecting a high point scoring team. Be sure to look at not only total points but also average points per game as consistency is more important than occasional power spikes in points. Also watch games from previous seasons. Selecting players that are aggressive and go for kills and players with high KDA ratios. An example would be a player like Huni or Ray. Both play top lane, a position that gravitates towards tanky champions with less kill potential, yet Huni and Ray tend towards playing high kill potential champions and play highly aggressively. This helps feed into their point pool, making them better top laners to pick.

Along with drafting the starting line up you must also select a flex player that can be from any position. I suggest top point scorers from positions like Mid and ADC as that will help maximize your points. Avoid choosing a support or jungler as your flex player, as they have much lower point scoring potential due to low cs and selecting tanky or utility champions. Select your flex player before selecting your starting support or team since there is a low point gap between teams and supports. (aka selecting the best support only affords you 2-5more points then your opponent while selecting an ADC or Mid can afford you 15-30points difference from your opponents).

You receive three backup players that can be rotated into your lineup. You cannot have more than two people for each position. Therefore, focus your backup players on positions that you have weaker players in. Example: If you pick Bjergsen as your mid laner, do not worry about selecting another midlaner for backup. This way you can check the team matchups and swap in those who have a higher predicted point output week to week (more on this in the next article). Another good choice for your backup players is to pick high scoring players that your competitors want. This can be favorable for trades later in the season.

Lastly, there is a key difference between the EU LCS and the NA LCS. EU LCS only plays two games. Therefore, there are potential for ties with teams. So when selecting a team, know that on average better teams in the NA LCS will score more points than good EU LCS teams. However a bad team in the NA LCS will score less points on average then a bad team in the EU LCS. Go for a top NA LCS team first and foremost, but if all the top teams are selected from the EU LCS and NA LCS, go for a team from the EU LCS.

Next time I will dive more into the breakdown of week by week strategy, such as trades and main lineup selection.