What We Learned from E3 2016

What We Learned from E3 2016

Its been about a month since Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, and we learned quite a bit about what we can see for gaming going forward. For all the information you may have missed out on and need to know, we’ve got you covered.

Microsoft seemed to take the show in this year’s E3, with the announcement of two “new” consoles. The first console, the Xbox One S, will be able to run some video streaming apps at 4K, but of course require a 4K TV to get the full experience. A 4K TV is not required, though, and the S is said to be “stronger” and have greater capabilities than the original Xbox One. It also features a built in power supply, and is much smaller than the original “block” of an Xbox we got three years ago. It releases in August.

Though we didn’t get to see what the Xbox Scorpio project may look like, we do know that it will be the Xbox One with 4K gaming capabilities, though 4K gaming is not necessary. It will also be VR capable, which is big news considering the year its been for Virtual Reality. Its supposed to be releasing in fall of 2017, and we still do not have an official name on the project yet.

We also got news concerning Recore, Forza Horizon 3, Scalebound, and Sea of Thieves. Microsoft has also been working on their controllers, surprisingly, as they have announced a Design Lab where you can design your own Xbox One controller, and the capability to connect the new Xbox controller wirelessly without a dongle. Which is good, considering Microsoft’s announcement that moving forward, if you buy a game on Xbox you can play it on PC.

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Disappointingly, there was no information about the rumored “Playstation Neo”. They did, however, thrill crowds with their announcement of a brand new God of War game. We also learned that Batman Arkham will be coming to VR, and we finally have an official release date for the Last Guardian. You know, the game that was announced in a magazine in 2007, but came as an official announcement as a Playstation 3 (yes, you read right, THREE) exclusive at E3 2009. For a history on all of that, you can go here. We will finally be getting to experience it this year. A new Resident Evil also made some waves at this year’s conference, and Sony even released the demo for Resident Evil 7 during the week of E3. They also announced that those who preorder Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for PS4 will receive Modern Warfare Remastered which is the reason, some gamers admit, they will be buying Infinite Warfare at all, considering the announcement trailer alone has garnered over 3 million dislikes on Youtube since its May trailer reveal.

As for specific gaming companies, some people were underwhelmed by Bethesda’s announcement of Skyrim Remastered, seeing as HD Skyrim is already possible through modded PC versions, and NOT a new Elder Scrolls game entirely. There is some excitement surrounding the VR release of Fallout 4, and of course they will be releasing a “new and improved” Pip Boy. This Pip Boy will have its own integrated screen and connect via Bluetooth capabilities, instead of requiring users to put their phone IN the Pip Boy in order to use it. It can even be used to make calls and send text messages, as well as play audio files using the USB drive. EA had some information concerning its new game, Battlefield One, which excited many players when the trailer was released. However the news of Russia being paid DLC and that females were largely excluded from the game because it wouldn’t be “believable” for young boys has left a bit of a sour taste for many.



Finally, the underdog Nintendo did come out with what was the most talked about announcement on social media of E3, and that was the new Legend of Zelda Game. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be released in March of 2017, supposedly for WiiU and NX simultaneously. The word supposedly is used, as we still have little to no information concerning the NX, including a release date- though they are releasing a miniature NES system this November! Breath of the Wild has taken the Zelda fandom by storm, though, with its gorgeous reveal trailer, and boasts countless new features, including an open world- or “open air” as they are calling it-, over 100 shrines to explore, a plethora of gear, and more. They talked a little bit about the new Pokemon Sun and Moon title releasing in November this year, including the two new legendary Pokemon. While Nintendo was lacking at this year’s conference, they did appeal to their die-hard fans and possibly new Pokemon fans thanks to their new mobile game.

These are all the notable E3 2016 announcements we thought gamers like you would like to know! What is your favorite announcement from this year’s E3? Feel free to let us know.