What is Fantasy League of Legends?

What is Fantasy League of Legends?

It is without a doubt that Esports are becoming an ever growing trend in the world today. Of the games that host professional leagues, League of Legends takes one of the top spots in popularity around the world. In fact, it has even garnered enough fans for Riot to produce a Fantasy League of Legends, for those diehard fans. This blog will serve to explain what fantasy League of Legends (LoL) is and tips for playing.

The most basic question people might ask is ‘What is Fantasy LoL?’ (More frequently called Fantasy LCS, but for the purpose of the blog will be referred to as Fantasy LoL). Most people know what Fantasy Football is, or have at least heard of it. Fantasy Football is to NFL Football as Fantasy LoL is to LCS League of Legends. People draft players from EU and NA professional LoL teams onto a team which then competes on a weekly basis against other teams in the league. Players drafted onto the team score points based on a standardized scoring system. While these are the basics, rules are a bit more in-depth. Some rules will be explained here but for a full rundown of rules go here.

So what do you need to play? Some way to get on the internet of course. At least three other players (fantasy leagues must be 4, 6, or 8 people each with one team). And a League of Legends account. Once you have these things you are ready to play! The website to start your own fantasy league is http://fantasy.na.lolesports.com/en-US”>here.

When starting a Fantasy league, the scoring system can be set to two options. The recommended version is that player points are scored based on first two games of a series. The second option is that players are scored on their two highest games in a series. This distinction can be important based on strategy in playing and selecting players. Choosing to score players on the first two games of the series is my personal recommendation, if you want to have a bit more structure and strategy for the Fantasy league.

The LCS, known as the League of Legends Championship Series, is the professional league for North America and Europe. While there are other professional leagues, most notably those in East Asia, Fantasy LoL covers only the LCS players. There are a few differences between EU and NA professional league, but that will be discussed in the next blog. For beginning Fantasy LoL players, the differences do not make a large difference.

Each player in the Fantasy league must draft eight players/teams. Each person has room to have one scoring Top, one scoring Mid, one scoring ADC, one scoring Jungle, one scoring Support, one scoring Team, and one flexible position that any player/team may be placed into. Along with that a person has three other players that sit on bench each weak and can be rotated in as needed. (See setup below)

These are only the most basic of rules. Strategy delves much deeper in the rules and my next blog will walk people through the most basic strategies of Fantasy LoL.