DIY Cosplay

DIY Cosplay

Cosplay has become the fastest growing hobby in the geek community. Who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite characters, meeting new friends, and getting recognized for all their hard work? But as much as we love it, cosplaying can also be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful! Sometimes you just want an easy, comfortable cosplay that you can throw together at the last minute. Well fret no more! We’ve compiled some tips and ideas to help you create easy DIY cosplays.

Get in the closet!
To start, dig through what you already own, and find things that can work for a new cosplay.

Get Thrifty
Thrift Stores are a great source for cheap clothing and accessories. If you need a basic clothing piece as a base, or something old to tear apart, or even a formal gown to turn into a fantasy costume, look here first for what you need.

Check out Specialty Stores
Stores like Hot Topic are a great place to get the perfect accessory to really make your cosplay complete. If you have some time, you can even order online from Indie artists and makers(support the community!).

Pay attention to Hair Color!
Wigs aren’t exactly the most comfortable things around, so if you want to avoid the itch, stick to characters that have the same hair color/style as you do. The same goes for eyes and contacts.

Ready to throw together an easy cosplay but not sure what you should do? Here are some ides to get you started!


Cosplay and Photo by fromthenotebrooke.


D20 Girl Arilith on the left.

Genderbent Clark Kent – Supergirl: For Clark, throw on a black pencil skirt or pair of slacks, a white unbuttoned shirt with the Superman logo peeking through, add a pair of glasses and a briefcase and you’re all set! For Supergirl, pair a white Superman shirt with a short blue skirt, red boots or sneakers and a red cape.

Poison, Street Fighter: This one is so simple, you probably already have everything in your closet. Throw on apair of shorts(denim or leather), a white tank top, black heels, and a police cap which is easy to find at any Halloween store. D20 Girl Arilith created the Poison cosplay below for Fanime out of items she already had in her closet.




Jessica Jones-Sarah Manning-Selena Kyle

Jessica Jones – Sarah Manning – Selena Kyle: For these three tough girls the only thing you absolutely need is a black leather jacket. For the rest of the outfit, go nuts and have fun! Ripped up jeans, torn tights, plaid shirts, hoodies, band t-shirts, combat boots, messy hair; the key here is to look like a badass! Oh, but don’t forget Selena’s signature goggles!


White Rabbit

Photo by Estrada Photography


White Rabbit: What makes this one nice and easy is that it’s open to interpretation. Your costume can be whatever you like, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. All you need is a pair of white bunny ears and a matching tail, add whatever white clothing you desire, and top it off with whimsical, Wonderland themed accessories! You can do the same thing for The Red Queen and The White Queen too. D20 Girl Linzilla(that’s me!) threw together this White Rabbit cosplay the day before Long Beach Comic Con. Closet Cosplay for the win!

These suggestions are just the start. There are so many great characters that you can easily create cosplays for, just do a bit of research and think creatively. And now that you have some great cosplay ideas and tips to help you execute them, you can get out there and make an easy cosplay that will still impress the fans! 

What easy/comfy/last-minute/closet/DIY cosplays have you done? Leave a comment and share your easy cosplay ideas!