The Handhelds are coming!

The Handhelds are coming!

It’s nearly time to the annual, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and the Twitterverse is already chiming in on potential announcements for handhelds later this month.

Nintendo has done an excellent job of keeping a tight lip on a new console and/or handheld coming to the market in 2017. Code named NX and MH have leaked so far gives little insight to the company’s new direction on handhelds. However, according to IGN’s coverage:
“NX is not a successor to the 3DS nor is it a rival to the Wii U. The NX is a new way to experience gaming with Nintendo”.

Now, let’s talk about some the of most anticipated games for handhelds. As is tradition, Pokemon will continue its every growing platform with addition of Sun and Moon series on the 3DS. Slated to release, November 18th, Pokemon Sun and Moon is anticipated to be the spiritual successor to Pokemon Red and Green. A wonderful throw back to the days of trading pokémon, the Pokémon Bank will allow players to transfer previously captured Pokémon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Sapphire, Ruby and into either copy of Moon or Sun edition.

And speaking of spiritual successors, Monster Hunter Generations is a massive overhaul on the turn based, battle game for 3Ds. New mechanics for creating and customize your Hunter have been added to create a more refined skill tree. You can also Street Pass for rare Deviant Monsters not typically found during gameplay. On top of which, Nintendo has added a new feature in Co-Op modes both online and in person! Meet up and brawl has just gotten more intense! Monster Hunters Generations is slated to release June 15. And of course, if you pre-order, there’s a special skin for the 3DS.

While the PlayStation Vita won’t be seeing many AAA titles in the near future, JRPG and indie fans can rejoice with the mountainous list of games coming between now and the end of the year.

Square Enix, World of Final Fantasy is a new installment for the rapidly revamping series. The story of two siblings, with no memory of their past, find themselves awash on an island of natives that stack things on their head. As they journey through the island, they’re met with familiar Final Fantasy heroes and battle montes from each stacked tower…on their heads.

Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness is based on the hit TV series of the same name. In the near future, advanced technological developments have allowed one’s mental state and disposition to be quantified and profiled. Players can choose between two newly assigned detectives, Nadeshiko Kugatachi, a calm and serious inspector whose memories were wiped, and Takuma Tsurugi, a hot-headed Enforcer who is searching for his missing childhood friend.

Psycho Pass is heavily dependent on the player’s choices to determine the outcome of an investigation. The mechanics are similar to that of the Shin Megumi Tensei series, however certain choices made can either shorten or lengthen time of play through. Throw in an emotional roller coaster of morales versus civic duty and you have a rather interesting game.

For more future game releases or previews of next gen consoles, be sure to tune into E3 coverage starting June 13.