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Book Review: Over The Dragonwall

51apgraV+sL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I recently got to read Over the Dragonwall and boy was it a good read. You get heroes and adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. But, before I go into thoughts and opinions, lets first get the background info.

Written By: H.C Storm & Dennis D. Montoya

Available on Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon.

“A thousand years ago the gods brokered a peace treaty with the dragons to save mankind. As a monument, the magical Dragonwall was built stretching from the Dwarven city of Farreach to the port city of Seareach. Over generations, the great dragon’s stories have turned to myths and the treaty forgotten. The wall’s magic is failing and the call for a hero goes unanswered.
Oberon a young monk and his friends leave the city of Delvingdeep to answer the riddle of the existence of dragons. No one expected a short cut though a swamp would ever lead them on a heroic adventure over the Dragonwall.”

The book starts off slow at first. You meet the first set of characters while they listen to a bard tell a story of the Dragonwall. The whole story is told through Obi’s eyes as he, and the characters Vestos and Delvar, decide they will go on an adventure to the Dragonwall. Obi has to ask his sovereign if he can go, which I found just a little funny. Surprisingly the sovereign says yes, which seals the deal and sends the group to the Dragonwall with the additions of Layna, Tannon, Tug, and Tark. 


I would have liked to see this world that the book takes place in through the others viewpoints as well, but this is not the case, and Obi really is an excellent portal into the world. After all, his job in the group is to document everything that they see.

Some of the traits or characters that stick out the most through the book are Layna and Tannon. They are a brother sister duo who are half elves, and who of course fight like siblings. Mainly due to Tannon being very overprotective of Layna. Tannon tends to do the mother hen thing, instead of the brother role. Delvar is all about his cloak, and several times in the book you read about him shaking it or tossing it. Vestos is the only character that I did not pick up on a trait for. I feel like there was one there, and I just missed it.

My favorite character out of the whole book is Majora. She is a swamp witch that the group meets on their way to the Dragonwall, she also has the hots for Obi. I mean, she does get a good look at his backside as he attempts to swim across her moat! I was happy when I read the end of the book and saw that we again do see Majora, she reminds me of an old granny type who takes care of everyone. Even the Swamp People! No, I did not make that up, there is a race called the Swamp people, and Majora gives them a cooked boar every night as a kind of “Don’t eat me!” peace treaty.

Majora also plays a huge role in the book. She is the reason the group goes over the Dragonwall and not just to it. She gives our adventures the task of retrieving a box for her. Simple enough task, but that is before you consider the warning that comes with the task. “Don’t be over the Dragonwall after dark!” That is something that Majora tries to hammer into their heads and; Obi frets about the entire time. But, because we get the warning, you know what that means, the group is on the other side of the Dragonwall after dark.

The book picks up near chapter 7, and becomes a heroic tale of how to get home alive. When they find the box, it turns out that it is booby-trapped. But this is where Tannon actually comes in handy! He knows how to disable the trap…or so he thought. When the door to the church opens, a bright white light explodes through the church and leaves the group unconscious.

While Obi is out cold, he has this weird dream about being back at the monastery. Which confused the crap out of me and I did stop and go back a couple of pages, making sure I was not missing anything (I was reading the book on kindle). Once I had determined that I had not missed anything I kept reading. Turns out that he was dreaming, and everyone started rotting. Which sounds disgusting, and the writers did such a good job at describing just how disgusting that is.

Once everyone is awake, they find out they have been out for hours, and the sun is going down. They hurry to get to the wall again, but the ghouls are out and hungry. This leads to an epic battle to get back to the church and defend it. The defending of the church goes utterly wrong leaving the group stuck on the roof, with the ghouls trying to find their way up. Now, I know you are more than likely looking at what you just read, don’t worry I’m not pulling your leg.

The plan had been to get on the roof and wait for the sun, but during the fight below, Vestos and Tug were severely injured. So much so, that Tug inadvertently starts a fire in the church! Not going into detail on this one, just know that the ghouls almost get to have fried Obi!

The group does get down, and does make it back to the Dragonwall in kind of one piece, the threat is not over. There is another witch, and she has friends that are best described as ‘naked werewolves.’ This is another spot where the writers did an amazing job at describing the creatures that are going to have the party for dinner.

This is where I’m going to end this review; You’ll have to read the book to figure out if they do get home safe. The scene description in the book was so good, that I’m going to read it twice,! But first, the review in a break down!

Ratings and Thoughts

Whole Book: 8 out of 10

The book was well written, and thought out. The story lagged a little in the beginning, but once you’re over the Dragonwall, it becomes awesome, and fast paced. I found myself drawn in, especially when ghouls were attacking, turning the pages faster and faster.

Characters: 10 out of 10

I love these characters. I do hope there is another book after this one, I would love to read more about Layna and Tannon. They seem so interesting, but I am very much into elves. I blame Tolkien for that one. And of course I would like to see more Majora! She is so funny; she is a full character that makes what little of the book she is in, that much better.

Descriptions: 7 out of 10

Some of the descriptions of places in the book could use a little work, while they were amazing, I felt like they were rushed, and sometimes overshadowed by something going on with the characters. Like the town the church was in… we are told that the town was burnt to nothing, but why was the church untouched? Also character descriptions in the back of the book would be a plus (personal opinion).


That’s everything on Over the Dragonwall. I do recommend you read this book. I enjoyed it and went to sleep well past my bedtime several nights due to wanting to get to the next chapter.

Please feel free to suggest more books in the comments.