Bubble Comics – Exlibrium Review

Bubble Comics – Exlibrium Review

All fandoms collide with the clever telling of the hidden, fictional worlds besides our own through the view-point of geeky teenage girl.


Exlibrium is a colorful, adventure series based on popular fictional tales that tend to leak into our world from time to time. However, once these characters enter our world, their behavior is a little …less than fairytale. For example, Prince Charming becomes a Psychotic Sociopath bent on making you his Queen. Released by Russian publisher, Bubble Comics, introduces readers to this other world through the eyes a teenage nerdy, girl by the name of Lilia Romanova; Whose encounter with the mysterious order of bookwizards that guard the real world from the fictional world could prove her connection to the latest slip of darkness?

In issue #1, little is known about Lily besides the glimpses into her everyday life. Home schooled a dash of hermit, and a plethora of nerdy nods throughout the comic. For example, the Harry Potter references to the episodes from Arrow, the ongoing CW series. Due to her fascination with these fictional worlds, Lily occasionally imagines life as her current obsession. Not realizing that she is, by some hints, seeing into the second worlds.

However, can I just say the artwork for issues is rather dynamic for a comic book. You could actually frame each page as its own little world if you wanted.

Exlibrium does a wonderful job of balancing the dark horror aspects with light-hearted fun. Something not many comics can do with a storyline as vast and winding as this. Every issue is a surprise and a delight to read as it doesn’t spoon feed the reader every detail about the cross over of worlds and why these tend to happen. But, it allows you to formulate your own theories about why the Real World has such a dramatic affect on these escaped characters and it presents a wonderful chance for Lilia to exercise her nerdy prowess to solve these problems.

acs-home-header-ac_movie_trailer-fox-official_249544Did I mention there’s a translation kickstarter to bring this unique treasure to English-speaking bookshelves soon? Check out their website for more news , see their five other original monthly series, and get your copy today!