Rouge Splat Review

Rouge Splat Review

Rouge Splat is a new mobile game app.


In the game, you move a yellow paint splat around to catch a moving green splat. While doing this, you also must avoid the red and white paint splat, making the objective that much more challenging. The red splats ends the game with a game over and the white splats activate a time penalty. The blue splats activate different modes in the game. It is a free to play game that is currently available on Android and iOS.

Pros and Cons

My first initial reaction to the game was that it was total madness when you tap “play.” There are no instructions or anything hinting at what you have to do. The very first time playing Rouge Splat I lost 6 times because of this. Also, there is no way to pause and resume the game, so if you need to take a call or answer a text, it’s an automatic game over. While it can be a really fun game once you get a hang of it, it unfortunately does not have a tutorial mode when you first start the game. So, you don’t know what’s going on until you go back and read the description. Another con for me is the graphics. They are decent, but I would like to have seen something more than just the obvious paint blobs in the back.

The cool aspect about this game is it can be a challenge, especially when you start collecting more green splats; the game gets faster. The fun part in this game is the selection of modes. The really fun modes are Everything Counts were you can collect all the paint splats (including the reds), and Slo-Mo mode, which slows down the paint splats to a crawl. There are also more difficult modes for those who desire a challenge. There is a Food Contaminated mode where you have to avoid the green splats, and High Speed mode where all the splats go at a really fast, making it hard to concentrate. Both of the modes will most likely end in a game over if you are not skilled enough! The one thing I would change is slowing down the game’s speed when text comes across the screen to give players enough time to read what mode they enter, but the text disappearing when the mode is almost over is convenient.


Like all games, Rouge Splat needs improvements with some of its features, for instance the thumbs down feature when you get 10 points less, because it looks like the Facebook thumbs up. Overall it is a good game, with unique features and cool sounds effects although it would be nice to have background music.

I’ll give it a 4/5.